10 Tips That Get the Hard Guy to Propose

10 Tips That Get the Hard Guy to Propose

Ultimatums are scary and can backfire. Of course, there comes a time when your guy is really lazy to make up his mind and requires a little push.

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Will you be mine? To propose.

To propose. Will you marry me? Will you be mine?

If your guy really loves you but doesn’t want to commit, there are simple tricks that can help you win over him and get him to propose.

Be his perfect girlfriend

Well, perfect may be a strong word here. Be a great woman in his life. Make him understand that he’s got all he needs in a woman. If he is really into you, there are chances of proposing sooner than later.

Look after him

Make him a better man (if you aren’t doing it already). Make him understand that he cannot live without you if you need him to propose. Talk about his plans (if he wants to share) and offer solutions and advice. Macho as he may seem, your guy needs someone to lean on from time to time. He just needs to realize how much you really mean to him when you support and give him this shoulder to lean on.

Take him out

Yes, we all know it’s men that should take ladies out. Look, sometimes all that guys need is a little bit of encouragement. They are not always strong as they look. You guy could be worried about how and when to pop this question. Help him do it by handing him this perfect opportunity, say, by taking him somewhere romantic to help him out.

Have a frank conversation

Talk about the future of both of you and how both of you see it. Does it make sense that both of you will be happily married? Do you see yourselves together? If not, it’s probably wise to reconsider your plans. If your guy can’t see himself with you then listen to the alarm bells in your head. If he is unsure about the relationship, it’s not yet time to leave. You just need to take things a little slower.

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Avoid getting too comfortable

Avoid getting into any serious relationship lifestyles so as to forget about your own friends and most importantly, your own life. Remember you have a life of your own as well as desires and ambitions so he realizes you can really do without him. It’s a perfect way of making your guy understand that you can live your own life without him. Most guys want to feel dependable, which gives them complete control over a relationship and the trend it will take down the lane.

Avoid frightening him

It is unwise to begin talking so much about weddings if your guy hasn’t actually proposed. This is one big mistake that most ladies make. Yes, you just made him panic and overthink. For instance, avoid talking about this perfect best man or lady or this perfect venue, designer dress you would like to wear and how much you’ll need for the catering. Men already have that picture in mind and unless he is this rich guy, there are high chances that your lavish plans could scare him off a little.

Have your own female and male friends

Make your guy feel secure, while intelligently dropping hints about guys who are chasing after your affection. Sometimes men take things for granted. By making him realize that there are other guys out there chasing after you, you’re making him realize that even though you really love and care for him that much, you’re still not a soft touch. You are a prize that he needs to fight for.

Show how you’ll make a great wife

Be extra sweet and extra helpful to your guy. You’ve always heard that men are like babies and want to be pampered. Well, this is perfectly true. Do his laundry even if you have never done it. Make him dinner and look after him when he is ill. These actions alone can go a long way. By doing this, you’ll be reminding him of him mother and he’ll suddenly realize that he needs a woman like her…and that’s you!

Pull back a little

Granted, most guys want to marry a lady who showers them with the greatest love, affection and admiration. However, there are several women who, in a bid to show devotion, love and happiness to their guys, go a step further and offer their entire body and soul in the hopes of getting a proposal.

Wait a minute. Ladies, this is a huge mistake. Try to pull back a little, both emotionally and physically, since men won’t need anything more than dating if all their needs are being met. Again, pull back a little and make him feel your absence. If he doesn’t feel miserable about your absence then he might not propose. Otherwise, he’ll realize that you are the only option he has left is to propose.

Oh, one last thing…

One of the most important things you’ll need to keep in mind is that when dealing with proposals and guys, it really pays to be patient. The moment when you really feel as though you’ve done everything you could, simply relax and let the universe take its bend. Do not be desperate as to take the responsibility yourself to propose, that should be his call.

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Over to you

There go our 10 Tips That Get the Hard Guy to Propose. Are you dying to get this proposal from a guy you have loved your entire life? Would you use any of our tips to get your guy to propose? Tell us which one. Let us know which of the tips has worked for you or any other tip you would like others to know. Share in the comments and in so doing let’s build stronger and true love relationships.