• Albacete Balompie vs Malaga Prediction H2H Stats – SPAIN Segunda Division

    Albacete Balompie vs Malaga Prediction, Betting Tips – SPAIN Segunda Division, 2nd June 2019.

    Albacete Balompie vs Malaga Prediction for SPAIN Segunda Division match. Albacete Balompie goes head to head with Malaga on 02/06/19. Check out Albacete Balompie vs Malaga H2H Preview, analysis, and Prediction. Albacete Balompie is currently at position 3 in SPAIN Segunda Division table standings while Malaga is at position 4 .

    Albacete Balompie vs Malaga Prediction – Head to Head Current Form

    In the SPAIN Segunda Division, Albacete Balompie has played 35 matches while Malaga has also played 35 . Albacete Balompie has played 18 matches at home, 17 away. On the other hand, Malaga has played 17 matches at home against 18 matches as visitors. So far, Albacete Balompie has managed 71 points in SPAIN Segunda Division while Malaga has 68 points. In detail, for Albacete Balompie, this equals to 37 points at home and 34 away against 37 at home and 31 away for Malaga.  Additionally, Albacete Balompie has scored a total of 53 goals in SPAIN Segunda Division while Malaga has scored 46 .

    Albacete Balompie vs Malaga Prediction H2H Goals, Both Teams to Score & NG

    The average goals per match Albacete Balompie scored at home were 2.4 while Malaga goals scored averaged at 1.9 for away matches. In the same way, the TOTAL AVERAGE goals that Albacete Balompie scored were 1.6 as compared to 1.4 for Malaga. As regards Both Teams to Score, the total number of BTS matches where Albacete Balompie and opponent scored were 19 and 16 for Malaga. Both Teams To Score has occurred in 10 matches involving Albacete Balompie as the Home Team while the same occurred in 9 matches for Malaga as the away team. On the other hand, FTS (Failed to Score) occurred in 3 matches involving Albacete Balompie as the home team. FTS occurred in 6 for Malaga as visitors. In total, the number of matches where Albacete Balompie failed to score a goal Home and Away were  10 matches. The total FTS (failed to score matches) for Malaga were 11 .

    Albacete Balompie vs Malaga Prediction H2H Over/Under 1.5, 2.5, 3.5 Goals

    Albacete Balompie has scored over 1.5 goals in 14 matches while Malaga has done so in 10 . Albacete Balompie managed over 2.5 goals in 5 matches while Malaga has managed in 2 . Also, Over 3.5 goals occurred in 1 matches for Albacete Balompie and 1 for Malaga. Albacete Balompie current form is excellent while Malaga form is good in the SPAIN Segunda Division.  Albacete Balompie has 19 wins, 14 draws and 7 losses. On the contrary, Malaga has a good form because they currently have 19 wins, 11 draws and 10 losses in SPAIN Segunda Division. 

    Albacete Balompie vs Malaga Prediction: X

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