Someone once told us “You guys are bright people.” We told them it’s experience and this one trick today will leave you surprised. We have always analysed the jackpots here and the experiences have been good. Still, we continue to prove that with evidence. If you are type of person who “misses” the jackpot bonuses by one or two matches, you will like this.

You can be as good a player but still miss a bonus with one match or two but did you know that you have a bonus that you didn’t use?  We will take a case scenario of 02-08-2017 Sportpesa Weekday Jackpot. Here are the screenshot while we still have the odds to help us illustrate this.

We will create 5 screenshots. Let’s take for example, you played 5 times and still didn’t win a bonus. So how does the profit come in? We will set arbitrary scores for the jackpot. Let’s say you score 5/13, 6/13, 7,13, 8/13, 9/13. Even if you won in this order 6 correct across the 5 options, with an average 2.5 odds, you will still make profit. 

Using last week jackpot screenshot, here is the first 5/13 arbitrary screenshot.

Here is the second 6/13 arbitrary screenshot.

Here is the third 7/13 arbitrary screenshot.

Here is the fourth 8/13 arbitrary screenshot.

Here is the fifth 9/13 arbitrary screenshot.

We are assuming the closest you came is 9/13 which is the above screenshot. Now the math begins.

We will take all the winning odds from each screenshot.

Screenshot 1 winning odds 5 correct – 2.42, 2.42, 2.20, 2.05, 3.08 (Total=12.17 )

Screenshot 2 winning odds 6 correct -2.42, 2.26, 3.25, 2.05, 4.07, 3.08 (Total=17.13)

Screenshot 3 winning odds 7 correct -3.52, 2.42, 2.26, 2.42, 2.20, 2.05, 3.08 (Total=17.95)

Screenshot 4 winning odds 8 correct -3.52, 2.42, 3.25, 2.42, 2.20, 2.05, 4.07, 3.08 (Total=23.01)

Screenshot 5 winning odds 9 correct -2.47, 2.42, 2.26, 3.25, 2.42, 2.20, 2.05,4.07,3.08 (Total=24.22)

Total odds for all 5 options you played =94.48.


Now here is how the profit comes in. However, it doesn’t go without mentioning that this may significantly increase your budget. That said, let’s do the math.

We have a total of 94.48 total won odds. From my old high school math, I understand that

profit =expenditure-earning 


Expenditure in this case is the amount we staked on all the 5×13 options. Meaning for all the individual picks, the total number of times played is 65 times. (13 options for each jackpot multiplied by 5 options). Then the expenditure or total amount used to place all 65 options multiplied by a stake amount of say 100 Shillings each will be a total Ksh 6,500.


Our earning as aforementioned is the total odds won = 94.48 (please check above if you didn’t understand how this came about). So 94.48 multiplied by a stake amount of 100 shillings which gives a total earning of Ksh 9,448.

Profit = Expenditure less Earning

In this case 9448-6500

Profit = Ksh 2948.

A profit of close to 3k.

How about that? You won yourself a bonus. So now you know how to win a bonus even when you don’t win the real bonus. Give it a try and thank us later. In this game, to survive, you must think outside the box. Our biggest objective, besides our predictions service is to make sure you’re equipped with the right PRACTICAL betting knowledge, that you’re educated on responsible betting and that at the end of the day, you make money out of doing this for fun.

If you see the need to try out our predictions, you’re free to do so. Just text us on @. Daily bet costs Ksh 100. The 5 jackpot options cost – (with free bet). Weekly subscription is Ksh 650 while the monthly subscription is 2k. That’s all we had for you today, hope you enjoyed reading this and hopefully you found it helpful.

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