Ben Carson | Kenya to the US—Another Kenyan for President

Kenya to the US—We Want To Give You Another President | Ben Carson


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It’s no longer about black or white or red or purple, rather about having the best president who believes the greatest of your country—the United States of America. Mine is Kenya, so warm and wild and free. You’ll always stay with me here in my heart.

Thank you for coming clear on your secret past, Dr. Ben Carson. Kenya is honestly a land of great people, right from the highlands to the sea. The World most respected neurosurgeon, Dr. Ben Carson has traced his roots back to the lost Eden—Kenya.

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In the video that surfaced online, this world famous author of the unquestionably bestselling books—Gifted Hands, Think Big and The Big Picture, just claimed that he is truly from Kenya. He revealed this as he talked about slavery and to most people; this is yet another interesting revelation.

Dr. Ben Carson is going for the Republican Presidential seat come next year’s elections. The latest polls show that he is remarkably respectable, coming behind frontrunner Jeb Bush, Donald Trump and Mike Huckabee. The truth is that this guy is doing remarkably well and just like Barack Obama, Dr. Ben Carson is a whirlwind waiting to sweep the US.

Dr. Ben Carson is the man to watch right now. We BELIEVE just like you do and support you in choosing what’s best for you. As for now, we all must watch this space…Dr. Ben Carson; are you ready to take after Barack Obama? Did you just say yes?

Just in case you missed it, here is a link to the video After the United States president, Barack Obama, Dr. Ben Carson follows suit in tracing his roots to back to Kenya. Just what is it that is special with Kenyan people? Or, better still, what’s it with Kenya and the US? Can someone just come clear on this?

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