Freelance Websites To Make Money Online | Freelance Looking to pay your bills? Seeking a more professional development opportunity and the freedom that freelancing offers? You can start earning now. It doesn’t matter what your motivation to freelance is, it’s now definite that millions of people are discovering the sweet hidden truths of professional freelancing. As trends such as the digital nomad lifestyle take center stage, there is a gradual growth in the number of freelance websites and resources out there. Most likely, there is more to freelancing you ought to know. READ ALSO: Best freelancing websites for Kenyan freelancers There […]

Freelance Websites To Make Money Online

Best Websites for Kenyan Freelancers | Freelancing Most Kenyans across the country do not yet believe that they can earn an extra living from working online.  Freelancing can be a perfect means of making extra cash when done well. The internet in Kenya today offers Kenyans a wide range of possibilities and opportunities to make money. Most importantly, freelancing lets you work from the comfort of your home, on a small interesting project after work. If you’re good at designing graphics, website design, article writing etc. then the freelancing world has several opportunities for you. READ ALSO: Freelancing After Graduation The […]

Best freelancing websites for Kenyan freelancers

Must Read for Kenyan Freelancers | Freelancing The image below is a Nokia 2760 phone. I have a long history with this phone and attribute part of my successes to it. I started freelancing without experience, without a computer, without a station, without start-up capital, without…name it! I just had me! While the freelancing world has so many already debunked myths that keep of so many people, Its all I wanted and that was two years ago. The journey of freelancing comes with woes, particularly if you are just starting out. Just like the saying goes, “every cloud has a silver […]

Freelancing | Must Read for Kenyan Freelancers

Freelancing After Graduation? | Freelancing I live in Kenya and stepped into the tough and competitive job market in 2010 with a brand new degree in Business Administration from Nairobi University. I was very determined to break into the corporate world but something else was beckoning at me! I permanent moved to Nairobi and I’m now writing for various websites. Ho! Now am 23 and honestly, I’m really enjoying several fun perks of freelancing: “I really enjoyed that I could sleep in, and working in my pajamas was the best thing!” Right now Kenya is pouring thousands of graduates into the […]

Freelancing After Graduation?

How To Create A Winning Bid on | Freelancing I am a freelancer on Honestly, I don’t know of a better or greater source to utilize to get leads on writing assignments and projects. Mjomba | How To Create A Winning Bid on Let’s delve one of the most popular questions that most freelancers have to deal with. To begin with, the key to winning jobs, getting great feedback and being able to charge higher for your work is crafting a great proposal. Sadly, most of us don’t know what to include in a proposal, or just how […]

Freelancing | How To Create A Winning Bid on

How To Create A Winning Bid On Part 1 | Freelancing   Do you want to be able charge higher rates on Elance (and actually get them)?Do you want to boost your online income by 60%? Have you ever stopped to wonder why other people “claim” to be making big bucks from online work? Are you interested in becoming one of those people that lead a perfectly stable financial life right from home? There is just one secret to making this possible—charging higher on Elance! Wait; honestly, when I first read this hack somewhere, I got pissed…at least in […]

Freelancing | How To Create A Winning Bid On Elance ...

How To Create A Winning Bid On Elance Part 2 | Freelancing Have you read:How To Create A Winning Bid on Hello and welcome to the first hack. I want to be very exhaustive on this hack and discuss the psychology behind it, so that you can truly see how it works. Oh yes, back to my funny story…I wasn’t going to forget it! It will help me explain some things I can’t find the best words for! Just a smudge under two years ago, I joined Elance. I had graduated from Nairobi University and was one of the […]

Freelancing | How To Create A Winning Bid On Elance ...

How to Charge Higher Rates and Get Them Elance | Freelancing   Before you read this post,  I highly recommend that you begin with the first three posts of this series. Introduction: How To Create A Winning Bid on I rolled my sleeve back up and carefully, started crafting proposals for a single page of web copy, just like the “Big Boys” Want to know my price tag? A cool $1k, who cares? Waiting for responses was another obstacle I never know could crop up. Like a hungry man watching over a pot of water try to boil, I just […]

Freelancing | How to Charge Higher Rates and Get Them ...

How To Create A Winning Bid on Elance Part 3 | Freelancing So, the pesky cat had to experiment. I clicked the edit button on my Elance profile, and pushed my hourly rate to…$125.00. I’m sorry if this scared you. I took a deep breath and afterwards applied to one page of Copywriting jobs. Guess what happened?! READ ALSO: How To Create A Winning Bid On Within very few days, I had won my first job, without price objections. It was not long before I won another and another… Not only that, this was also an opportunity to increase […]

Freelancing | How To Create A Winning Bid on Elance ...