• BetPawa Review – Comprehensive Review of Betpawa.co.ke


    It’s been quite some time since we did our last post. We were not planning on doing any post of a similar kind either but when something good crops up, it’s our duty to let you know.

    Right now, the betting industry is already overflowing with sports betting websites. Some of them are good while others are a total waste of time and money. What’s been your experience like? Awful, Fair, Good, Awesome?

    Competition is getting stiffer each day and with so many of these bookies trying to get the better of us, you can’t help but get confused choosing the bookie that is really worth your time. We bring you a post about Kenya’s current state of bookies and something about betPawa.co.ke and why you should register there soon but before that, let’s delve a little on an equally important topic.

    Why choosing a good betting company is healthy for your money!

    You need to pull aside to think of some very seemingly petty yet critical aspects that revolve around betting. While they may seem peculiar, they mean the world to some clever bettors. Some of these factors are the difference between clever betting and losers. That’s when you begin searching for answers to the billion dollar question-What could I be doing wrong? Now listen once again and take our advice with you.
    The bookie you choose has a significant impact on how much profit you’ll take with you at the end of the day. We are also bettors and experience has taught us exactly that. Here’s how:

    Ease of Winning

    Before you begin betting, you should begin by understanding the available bookies, what they offer and the probably most important of them all the ease of winning. How easily does the bookie (the betting company) make it for its players to win? Take an example: Some bookies offer Jackpot bets which are also a good thing but clever bookies will choose rather unpopular matches thus making it almost impossible for you to win. Another example is some of these bookies just have too many matches on their jackpots but as the saying goes, when the competition gets stiffer, most of these bookies will definitely give in. Such bookies just want you to lose! The way out? Be wise.
    If you still don’t have the answer, read this paragraph once more.

    Ease of use

    Regarding the ease of use, you need a betting company that lets you play quickly and revert to other things. Who wants to spend the whole day trying to log in, deposit or even wait for their money after a win? Go for simple looking websites and most important quick load times. Some bookies have the slowest load times you can think of.

    Just to give you my friend’s story.
    A close friend came to me a couple of days ago complaining that he couldn’t place a bet because of slow loading websites. I understood the fact that he was just starting but I clearly told him this, “There are far better options available. You just don’t want to be wise.” Later, the bet won really well and to this day he still won’t forgive himself for that! That was so unfortunate! The price of slow loading betting company websites!

    If you’ve been a victim of a missed bet because of slow load times you know what we mean. Never again waste your time trying to deposit money or placing a bet on a bookie that’ll end up frustrating you. Open your eyes and see the options available! That’s food for thought. Sometimes we’re just late for one reason or another, mostly out of unavoidable circumstances but the pain of getting locked out of that “really good bet” is just unbearable! Be wise!


    How good odds-wise is the betting company you’ve chosen to work with? How good are their odds? Are they high volume or even decreasing? Remember that odds keep changing and here’s where we really insist you improve! Obviously, a particular match could have ever decreasing odds while another ever increasing odds. This does not matter because odds are ever changing. Want to know the simple trick?

    The more the people playing a particular match, the higher the chances of the bookie reducing the odds for that particular match and vice versa. This is why bookies with an average number of players tend to perform well odds-wise as compared to the more popular ones though this is not always the case it really matters. We’ve seen this work but remember some of these tricks are just borne out of an experience.

    Clever bettors compare odds. The betting company betpawa.co.ke is particularly good in their odds- a reason why we proudly recommend them. You could find the odds of a favorite team staggering around 1 and still play the same match with almost double the odds on betpawa.co.ke. I think these guys have invested good money for your advantage which most people unfortunately never realize. There it goes, we revealed another most ignored secret to successful betting.

    Following these instructions here is the only way you can ever stand a chance of ever being successful in betting. Just about everyone is looking to gain at the slightest possible advantage and things like reduced juice and best odds are very helpful. You may never find some of these bits of information anywhere so make good use of it.

    If we highlighted all the most ignored yet critical factors, you’d probably get tired reading this but here’s one more factor we don’t want to leave out-that minimum stake amount. Not many of us can consistently play with the minimum stake amount on most betting companies. This is especially the case if you’re a regular bettor. Sometimes you have a bad day (we all know this) but something good just comes up only to realize you don’t meet the minimum threshold required to place a bet or in other words you just don’t have enough just then!

    Betpawa.co.ke is a really good one (looks like we’re a little obsessed with this one but it’s good to give credit where credit is due). You can play with as little as Ksh 1/= and still build long accumulators (popularly known as multibets in Kenya), standing a really good chance of big potential wins. That’s just amazing! They have you in mind, even in your broke days!


    The goal of any bettor is obviously making a profit and any slightest opportunity by a bookie to make it a little simpler for us is always welcome. That’s why we proudly recommend betpawa.co.ke and why you should head over to their website betpawa.co.ke/signup to register and begin playing. There will always be some drawbacks for each and every bookie but trust we’ve tried and not found one with this bookie. This is probably the reason why it’s one of the most popular and fastest growing betting companies in Kenya right now! If you think we’re lying then here is the evidence:

    Just head over to Alexa.com (Alexa is the world’s biggest website that ranks other websites in terms of popularity and growth using graphs). Scroll towards the center and type betpawa.co.ke in the search bar. Look at the growth curve! Better and easier still, use this straight link http://alexa.com/siteinfo/betpawa.co.ke. We try as much as possible to back our posts with evidence to help drive the point home. Ask yourself, why the awesome performance amidst the stiff competition being experienced right now? Something is definitely good about this bookie! Want to try it too? Click the link http://www.betpawa.co.ke/ and see how fast that website loads! Registration alone is self-explanatory but for the sake of those who’re starting out, we’ll do a small tutorial for you to help you get on your feet.

    While betting on some bookies is similar to watching paint dry, betpawa.co.ke is super-fast, loads in microseconds, has beautiful yet simple interface and the fun just arrives upon registration, allowing you to view the most popular bets (the matches most people are interested in which might obviously be a possible pointer of the outcome if you’re completely clueless on your bets. 🙂 spanning across several markets! It doesn’t get better than this! Missing a must bet match on some bookie? You’ll definitely find it on betpawa.co.ke. We know it because we’ve tried it!

    Oh, don’t forget it’s one of the few betting companies that offer live betting. How could I just forget this? If you haven’t tried this one then here’s your opportunity. Live betting can be really profitable if you know the tricks. One golden trick is obviously this—professional bettors employ statistical models that help predict goal distribution, but at the basic level (for most of us) soccer is coached and played by humans who will tend to exhibit distinct tendencies that you-the bettor needs to understand and quantify the impact of each of them. Examples include the intensity of the game, substitutions and some of the most ignored factors such as a goalkeeper’s form on that day! Surprising as it may seem, sometimes even goalkeepers can decide the outcome of a match if he’s looking too good for the opponents! You just need to watch where a team’s strength is originating from and whether it’s too good to withstand the pressure of the opponents! But that’s a topic for another day!


    We’ll do a very interesting post on live betting but we hope you’ll have registered with betpawa.co.ke. Once more, don’t forget to take advantage of the 10%, 50% or even 100% win bonuses for your betpawa.co.ke multibets.  Finally, we wish you a profitable and enjoyable betting experience with betpawa! Did you like this article? Was I informative? If yes, read the next one on HOW TO REGISTER WITH BETPAWA.CO.KE

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