Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Welcome over. Here are some of the frequently asked questions.

What is the cost of multibets only for a single day?

100 kes.

How much will Multibets and Jackpots on same day cost me?

250 kes. This is not cast on stone meaning we can still offer to give games on following day for free. Our goal is profit first before anything else.

Other packages?

For an entire week, you receive both jackpots. I.e Weekday and Mega. Then you also receive daily games for a week. These cost 650 kes. A month costs 2k(All jackpots+multibets for an entire month, with occasional overflow days of up to a week). If you don’t have time to pay for daily/jackpots these packages may be an option for you.

How do I pay?

Payment is on -. It’s same number you can direct your questions if you have any.

How sure are the games/Jackpot?

Use the premium pages to view our previous results for both games and jackpot. The pages usually have require passwords but before we post new matches, they remain open.

When do you send the games?

Usually at 12pm – 1pm for earlier games or 4pm – 5pm for late games unless specified. We must find good games so please be patience. We’re here.

How do I receive the games after paying?

We will text you to open either or depending on what you paid for.

What if you give me games that don’t win?

Sad but true, gaming is sometimes not 100% rosy. That is why we encourage responsible gaming. If we give you games that don’t win, we WILL give you FREE games the following day. This means access to either or will remain open. We are the ones that give the games so you can be absolutely sure we know when you haven’t made profit so leave that to us. Please remember to follow instructions on the page that indicate how the matches need to be played.┬áTypically we could have single matches, doubles, multiple bets etc. You will need to play them like that. More explained inside.

Good luck everyone!