Best freelancing websites for Kenyan freelancers

Best Websites for Kenyan Freelancers | Freelancing

Most Kenyans across the country do not yet believe that they can earn an extra living from working online.  Freelancing can be a perfect means of making extra cash when done well. The internet in Kenya today offers Kenyans a wide range of possibilities and opportunities to make money. Most importantly, freelancing lets you work from the comfort of your home, on a small interesting project after work. If you’re good at designing graphics, website design, article writing etc. then the freelancing world has several opportunities for you.

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The only problem Kenyans face is finding the jobs. The truth is that there are several great platforms and top paying websites that you cannot ignore. You will find most Kenyans on these online work websites that offer limitless orders for qualified people. Most importantly, you won’t last long before you land on your first gig.  We picked the top websites for freelancing/online work for freelancers in Kenya.

If you are not on then you are missing out on great opportunities. This website offers several opportunities ranging from writing, programming, graphic design to translation and so much more. It’s one of the best paying websites you can ever find. The jobs on fall into several categories so that freelancers choose what suits them well.

This is one other great website for freelancers in Kenya. It connects over half a million freelancers and 100,000 businesses across the globe. Guru categorizes its jobs perfectly so that freelancers can choose what works for them. Be sure that Guru represents your skill. Love cooking, find cookbook and recipe writing gigs on Guru.

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I love Just as its name suggests, this website suits freelancers in Kenya who are suited for software engineers, ICT professionals, coders and everything in between. has several online jobs for Kenyan freelancers ranging from complex programming tasks down to the simple HTML based tasks that take you a few hours to complete.

I won’t forget This is probably one of the most popular websites in Kenya that offers top paying freelancing jobs to Kenyan freelancers. There are several categories to choose from. The goal is to perform perfectly well and in line with the client demands. This freelancing website is famous with Kenyans and is one of the top paying freelancer websites for Kenyan freelancers. offers a wide range of freelance categories to choose from and provides you with several high paying employers ready to pay a fortune for a small piece of copywriting work or graphic design task.

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Over to you

The decision lies in your hands. Personally, I get jobs from almost all of these websites mentioned here. They pay well and I bet you might want to consider quitting your job when things get sweet and irresistible! Here is a link to my profile on (our first pick). Check out my profile and be sure to try them out. If you have any questions, please post in the comments. I’ll be more than happy to help. Have you tried freelancing yet? Is it paying you well? Feel free to leave your sentiments here. We are freelancers :p.

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