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How to Hack Sportpesa


How to Hack Sportpesa | Basic HTML Coding

You want to know how to hack Sportpesa?  Well, the procedure is dead simple and our professional writes an article that explains how to do it. Our method does not require prior knowledge in programming.

hack sportpesa

how to hack Sportpesa

However, If you have basic HTML and JavaScript knowledge then this is going to a breeze! Any website on earth is hack-able; you just need to identify and exploit its weak point. This article will give you a very easy method with which you can hack Sportpesa and any less secured website of your choice simply through basic HTML. DISCLAIMER: I am not liable for any misconduct you choose to put yourself into so please use it responsibly. This is for learning purposes!

Note: Please note that this basic method works for websites that are less secure.



Open Sportpesa. Proceed to the login bit and enter incorrect details. Enter a wrong username and password combination. For example.: Username 0712345678 and Password: Lifesucks…anything. You will receive an error message that says you wrong username or password. Now this is the bit that you should be keen about. It’s time to get really nasty and hack Sportpesa!



Using your mouse, right click anywhere on the error page provided=>> proceed to view source.



The source code.

You will then see the source code. This looks like jargon if you’ve never seen it before but don’t worry. There you can view the HTML code with some Javascript. •Look for this bit….<_form action=”…Login…”> • Just before this login information, right click to copy the URL of Sportpesa. In this case (“<_form………..action=http://www.sportpesa.com/login…..>”)



This is the information that validates your information on their server. Now, delete that bit. Do this very carefully. In fact, the success of this hack largely depends on this step—how effectively you delete the javascript code that validates your information.



Take a keen closer look for this code “<_input name=”password” type=”password”>”[do not use quotes]-replace”<_type=password>” with “<_type=text>”. Please check there to see if maximum length of the password is less than eleven then increase it to eleven (for example.: if then write). We are close to hacking Sportpesa.



Proceed to file=> then save as and save the file anywhere on your computer. ( It’s advisable that you don’t use your personal computer, just in case*) Save the file with ext.html (for example.: c:\sportps.html).



Reopen Sportpesa by double clicking the “sportps.html” file you saved in your hard disk. You will see a change in the current page as opposed to the initial file. Do not worry!



Provide a username of your choice [e.g.: hacked] and password [e.g.: ‘ or 1+1=1–]. You have successfully hacked Sportpesa and entered into their server’s database as a new user.

Be careful when deleting the JavaScript because this is the backbone of this hacking trick. Do the coding and changes with care. Your success will largely depend on how you perform this I.e. How you delete the JavaScript and validate your account data. As far as hacking Sportpesa is concerned, that’s it!

Again, this is for learning purposes; whatever actions you choose to do, you choose to take responsibility for your actions.