Freelancing | How To Create A Winning Bid On Elance Part 2

How To Create A Winning Bid On Elance Part 2 | Freelancing

How To Create A Winning Bid On Elance Part 2 | Freelancing

How To Create A Winning Bid On Elance Part 2 | Freelancing

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Hello and welcome to the first hack. I want to be very exhaustive on this hack and discuss the psychology behind it, so that you can truly see how it works. Oh yes, back to my funny story…I wasn’t going to forget it! It will help me explain some things I can’t find the best words for!

Just a smudge under two years ago, I joined Elance. I had graduated from Nairobi University and was one of the millions of jobless young Kenyans. Since I couldn’t immediately land on the job of my dreams anytime soon, I joined this online platform called Elance. Tough as it can be to land on projects, I had the worst times of my life…the rest is history.

I landed on my first Elance job almost three months later. One evening, I had just completed working on a project for one of my clients, when suddenly, my human nature kicked in! I began searching on Google for “How to make BIG money on Elance.” (No, I’m not trying to say I needed a potty break, bad thought there!)

I’m trying to say this: I didn’t want to just earn a living working on Elance, I wanted to be better than that. You know what I mean? Clearly, I had to multiply my rates by 10. It sound like a big joke,I know! Okay, take a chill pill and relax. I said earlier that it’s time you doubled your rates. As for me, that wasn’t enough considering the fact that I had worked on Elance for 3 months and knew I was gifted, not just talented.

I’m trying to be very honest with you. I’m a very curious person and like taking chances! Now, I’d heard of the plenty of “off-Elance copywriters” who had set way more that most of us “lowly” Elancers…and I desperately wanted to join that lot!

I performed a research to figure out what these “big dogs” were hauling in. Surprisingly, most of them were charging a staggering $1000 for a single page of website copy. That scared me like it just did to you. But that’s the point when my pesky human nature shot a piercing arrow through my mind! It perked up even louder than I even knew it.

I kept battling it down with a “reality cry” of the conventional Elance wisdom… “Mary, you are going nuts! Please think over what you’re about to do,” I kept telling myself. The first commandment is “ Thou shalln’t chargeth as much as other off-Elancers!” No matter how I tried, I couldn’t win over what I wanted. I did the unimaginable thing by going for the (1k) number!

Big question here. What if I could pull it off?

I thought of it in other terms, that damn pesky human nature again started firing on all cylinders. In short, I couldn’t resist the urge to go BIG, any longer! If this worked, I could potentially make BIG money, without having to break my backbone. I had a client from India who used to pay $2.5 per 500 words. I used to work for long hours, sleep for three hours and back to work.

Truth be said, I wasn’t happy with the way I sat for too long. Then here you are writing an article that discusses why sitting for too long strains your body, works against your health and leaves your backbone feeling stiff. But to me, that sounded way better than most local clients who usually went missing on payday. If this feels like you then you got to read on.

What could I lose by giving this my best shot? (Little did I know in the back of my mind that the answers were actually “a lot,” as discussed in a few segundos in my next post!

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