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    How To Create A Winning Bid On Elance.com Part 1 | Freelancing


    How To Create A Winning Bid On Elance.com Part 1


    Do you want to be able charge higher rates on Elance (and actually get them)?Do you want to boost your online income by 60%? Have you ever stopped to wonder why other people “claim” to be making big bucks from online work? Are you interested in becoming one of those people that lead a perfectly stable financial life right from home? There is just one secret to making this possible—charging higher on Elance! Wait; honestly, when I first read this hack somewhere, I got pissed…at least in a way. The “writer” actually wrote this, “double your rates, your knowledge and experience grows every day, so what makes you want to charge $10/hour all your life? Hopefully, you already read our first post. If not, please read it here

    How To Create A Winning Bid on Elance.com

    It’s highly recommended you do.

    Thank you for following me to this blog. I recommend the good work Walter Akolo is doing on his blog www.freelancerkenya.com. Now, I went ahead, and broke into the “mysterious” realm of premium pricing. While the Internet is filled with noises and choices, there are situations when you can always stand on your feet and say, “I agree!”

    Hopefully, you say yes to my question. Are you ready to double your rate?


    1) It shows me this hack is designed to work for you, and

    2) That you are completely sane.

    I’ll give you a wrap up of how this hack works with my short funny story…in a minute.

    First, here is a quick preview of what you should expect from me in the coming days. From today henceforth, I’m going to create the “Elance Hack Series: The Journey to Success on Elance.” For those that would like to follow up with me, please remember to drop your email in the subscribe box. Thanks!

    Some of these, I read on the leading blogs and figured them out through trial and error. I got others from flashes of instinct and insights. Either way, the object of this is to accelerate your journey to a reasonable earning, the kind of which most freelancers deserve for their hard work.

    This hack is very simple to follow, easy to implement and can boost your earnings right away. Please follow carefully. Of course, this works for anyone of us, even beginners!

    (Example: as you’ll see, this is the hack that earned me over $30k, and literally anyone CAN DO IT!) I know what you’re thinking—how can I earn that much when I can’t land on one poor paying job on Elance in the first place?

    This hack has been tried and tested to be working. The only thing I ask of you is to be sure of what you are doing. If writing is really in your blood—you know what I’m talking about—then for God’s sake this is for you!

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