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    Our visitor,

    **This might be very important to you. **

    Welcome to this page. You want to use our predictions too, right? Having come to this page, we guess so. Now, mjomba is a free tipping site and DOES NOT charge for it’s services. Everything here is and will always remain FREE. We post thoroughly researched content which is actually worth paying for but we choose to give it for free. However, we want you to know that you’re the ones running this site. Thanks for the support. Great content takes time and money to prepare before you can have it ready. However, you can still buy this awesome team a cup of coffee. Well, liked this website and wish to donate to help us scale greater heights for the benefit of you-the visitor? No problem, we have premium tips which help keep the website running in exchange. Tips cost 100 for games alone, 250 for both jackpot and games and 650 for a whole week.

    With our paid predictions, you can get a decent profit without the need to commit yourself in a high investment (money or time) typical of most betting tips websites across the web. The truth is that betting is money AND time consuming, particularly if you’re not good at soccer predictions. Another sad truth is that the aid of experts is usually very expensive. For example, some of the content such as the statistics you see here is paid for. The result from most websites out there is usually far from satisfactory. With out data, you can only do so much for yourself, from both teams to score data to corners and everything in between.

    Few lucky punters know the importance of getting advice from winning bettors to get constant revenue from soccer betting, without spending too much for their support. You can follow your gut feeling but it won’t be long before you really see losses. The reality is we’ve seen several people lose their hard earned cash to bookies so much that we began this service-to stand in the way before placing that bet so that you’ve got that second voice that says, “Yes, you can place this. It looks promising. Something like that.”

    Here comes into play the Mjomba Cheap Betting Tips:

    Looking at our partners, you’ll agree that we’re doing this service for the sole intention of helping you make money, not lose it. Winning tips are expensive and that’s the truth. For example correct scores are statistically calculated outcomes from a huge range of team outcomes with so many factors figured in. Statisticians take hours and hours to find tips that will work. Some website just predict with gut feelings, we back up our predictions with value data and it’s here for you to see part of it. We chose to ask this from our subscribers-to only help keep the site live. How? The funds you send are channeled towards the development of this site. We can get coffee by the side but the sole purpose is creating a website that will help you. Now,we have new connections and a nice chat installed. Thanks for that!! More is still on the way with your support! We have real statistics nowadays, you can see team ranking, matches, fixtures and a lot other data we think might be essential.

    Again, good tips and content takes time to prepare. So what do you get in exchange? High quality winning predictions with confidence of more than 85%-99% for interested persons. Mjomba soccer predictions are with an excellent success rate thanks to a team that’s ever committed to see you win.

    • Very high winning rate
    • Crisis-proof, very low cost:
    • Our warranty: for every KES650 spent, you get a free access key and extra advice.

    How to know whether this service is for you? Try to honestly answer this questions:

    • Don’t have enough time to do proper extensive research?
    • Always feel confused when making your selections?
    • Know the leagues very well but still end up losing?
    • Want to gain maximum profits with carefully selected matches and methods to improve our betting skills?
    • Want a little push to make things work?

    If you answered yes for all the questions above then our predictions are worth considering. Those who’ve already tried it chose to subscribe to the monthly package of KES 1,999- because they know they’re in safe hands but you can always go for the package that suits you best. Other available packages include the weekly 650- and daily 100 and weekday or weekend Jackpot 250 which includes multibets. The jackpot mentioned here comes with 5 different bets for your preferred jackpot alongside multibets.

    Any Mjomba member with low success rate can immensely boost their profits with expertly selected matches if they take into account our high quality strategy. Our systems enable you to easily learn the basics of proper betting without going through common mistakes new and experienced punters alike commit.

    Thus, it’s always a better option to give a football betting system you tend to trust a chance, taking your time to look at the available soccer predictions rather than developing your own, and you’ll enhance your betting returns. Using this site will help you understand betting, start off with good betting websites like betpawa.co.ke, sportpesa and a few others. You’ll also find all the help you need to make winning singles and multi-bets and to systematically gain profit. Most importantly, we are not a get quick rich scheme! We are not perfect either but trained soccer enthusiasts who study matches carefully on a daily basis and try to give you what we know is best for you!

    Over To You:

    We agree, there are several free soccer tipsters out there. This can be fun and incredibly overwhelming but also a run for loses for your money if you’re the type that is always ready to give away your money without first finding out how reliable the services are. Wait a minute; if you’re looking for systematic changes then you need to rethink again. Either way, most professional punters don’t even use the free website predictions across the internet because they’re fully aware of their nature. See, the problem is one – things are mixed up. You don’t know which teams to choose etc.

    We do proper research, find the information we need, however long it may take us, and analyze it. Believe it or not, it’s almost impossible to constantly win money using free predictions on otherwise popular sites. In most cases, hardly will you find pro tipsters with several years of betting experience giving free data. That’s sad but true. We aren’t perfect either in our predictions, No. Sometimes we also have a bad day (true and you can ask any top bettors) but that doesn’t change who we are and the fact that we do several amazing good runs and consecutive wins. You need honestly, right? If we issue matches and we fail to make profit, we will give you FREE games the following day to make up. Let me bold this.

    Finally, our subscription fee is very very modest: KES 100 for multibets, Kes 650 for a whole week, and or 250- for any jackpot of your choice be it sportpesa, mcheza, elitebet jackpot etc. Want to know the typical price of winning soccer predictions? Well, most premium tipsters have priced them at $500/month or $3,000 per season. WHOA! That’s why we insist that we aren’t really selling our predictions as such.  We know not many people can afford such amounts charged elsewhere. Mjomba is a family and will forever be and we hope to make  our services as cheaper as they can possibly get, to every Tom, Dick and Harry.

    *Of Note: We only offer select matches.Any matches we give are high confidence soccer predictions. We hope to offer all of you the very best picks of our picks so you don’t have to waste time scouring for some across otherwise advert and spam filled websites across the internet–it’s the reason we started this! We don’t have annoying adverts here, not because we don’t have them but because we put them but you said they were interfering with your browsing experience, so we removed them. That’s what you mean to us. 

    Good luck to you from the Mjomba Team!

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    We can help you do better predictions by bringing proper research to work, follow up on teams, leagues & matches weeks earlier, specialise in specific leagues, play safe etc. Losing won’t go anywhere any time soon but one thing we can promise is we can help boost your performance.


    If you’re looking for free ones, we have matches for which we post their predictions here so, go ahead and check them. If you have paid, we will send you a text to guide you to open the premium content.


    This one above is just but what the Mjomba Team can do! Multiplying the odds you arrive at about 68. Multiply that with the bet amount?? We did KES 1000 and it worked, it’s needless calculating the amount won because you already got the figures!

    We don’t have an magic tricks but all we know is that we can help you win!

    It’s not in one occasion or two we’ve pulled something nasty. Here’s another screenshot where we pulled a streak 18. We’re not very new to some of these.




    Mjomba Team.

    For support, email us at support@mjomba.com or get support at 0710 792 715. There is so much in store for those who make it to the premium content, so much indeed that you definitely don’t want to be left out! Try us! Numbers don’t lie, check out our fan page at the bottom of the page.

    The fun side of the story, we’re amazingly cost-effective. This is because we trust that when you win, we win too. 🙂