• How to predict a football match – What no one actually tells you! This is NEW!

    How to predict a football match – What no one actually tells you! This is NEW!

    Unfortunately, most football predictions made out there never actually come true! Here is an exciting article explaining why. Predictions are somewhat relative but if you follow statistics and match outcomes then it’s very possible that you can make accurate football predictions. We have not done a post for a long time, here is one that will assist you learn many things and strategies you can use to make good profit. Do you constantly check statistics, current and previous team form etc but still end up not getting them correct? Why’s that? Why would you lose even when you perform your best research? You’re probably looking at the “wrong” stats. Here’s what our most read article tells you about what you should actually look for in statistics!

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    To begin with, there are many techniques that are involved in predicting football matches and among them is the Soccer Automated Performance Analysis and the Poisson distribution but wait, we are not going to discuss this today. This are probably the most common techniques that most tipsters use. In this article we will use what is readily available – the use of artificial intelligence to calculate the outcome of a football match from current statistics. This system uses variables such as team form, strength, recent performance, home away advantage and goals scored among others. Managers also use this to determine the format/strategy to use to win over a team depending on the opponent’s defense, offensive, ball possession factors etc.


    So, how can you make correct football predictions of match, for example?

    The first thing you need to understand when predicting a football match is distinction. This is probably the key to making correct football predictions even if they are correct scores. Why distinction? Because it’s the difference between team A and team B. For example;

    A team’s match mentality could be to score goals more than defend depending on the team they will face.

    Another team’s mentality would be to defend more as opposed to score goals.

    If a team’s defense squad is weak, then it would necessitate balancing between scoring goals and defending.

    If a team is not motivated, they will likely not play up to their best potential.

    Again, if a team is suddenly winning then the motivation factor should be key when considering the potential outcome of their next match.

    An important question is, however, what knowledge is required when assessing distinction? For example, in areas of team potential and performance? Here are the most common factors that clever tipsters look at:

    1. Goal Difference (Goals scored less goals conceded)
    2. Ball Possession
    3. Shot on Target and the location the shots.
    4. Shots on course.
    5. Number of corners.

    The strength of a team is one of the critical factors. This is the goal difference + number of shots on target + number of corners + ball possession. The quality of players also matters. How? The quality of players is directly proportional to experience and skill.

    Another factor which most people tend to ignore is the team chemistry. Team chemistry is the tendency of the entire team (players, coach everyone) to work as a team. This is what is likely missing in Manchester United and Arsenal right now. Otherwise, these team have the best players you can think of, they have the best managers, they have the best fans too. ? If team chemistry is lacking then the team ceases being a team but a bunch of good footballers.

    However, when team chemistry is fixed, a team becomes lethal. Sometimes it can take a long period for team chemistry to grow in a team depending on the team psyche towards one another and towards their managers. How good is the manager as far as motivating a team is concerned? What substitutions does he make? Can he make proper tactics when the team is struggling?

    When you glue all these pieces together, it becomes a lot easier being able to tell the direction a match will take without ruling out the fact that there will be occasional surprises here and there (especially on the onset of leagues.)

    Factors such as new players and managers can be deal breakers! Sometimes a team could be performing well until they buy a new player…then things begin going south. Why? Because sometimes players are held to the highest possible standards. The impact is that some very good players tend to pull aside a little to give space to “this new kid.” Sometimes the “kid” takes a little longer to find his space which affects the team performance negatively.

    Some teams win by luck. Yes, that’s true. Some things happen in football which turn the match around. Some teams just start winning after they win that one match. They become so good and unstoppable. This usually happens when a lower ranked team wins over a better side. Team motivation shoots through the roof. This is natural in all spheres on life – in football, it unlocks the key to doing things the right way, from knowing when to attack, when to defend and when to hold the ball.

    On the same note, when a team goes on a good run of wins, the pressure to perform increases. When the pressure is controlled, the team can continue winning but when the players are completely not used to that kind of pressure, it eventually bursts out and the team begins losing. If a team is winning by a good number of goals, that’s a good reason to be convinced that they are on a good form.

    Always look at a team’s ability to win away matches. Some teams don’t win away matches. This will depend on many factors such as the distance, change of weather among other factors so it’s sometimes difficult to go on and win away matches easily unless the team form is good. Their energy levels? Are they tired? How many matches have they played in a span of, say 5 weeks? Example, it’s good to back a team to win at home, in front of their fans after 2 or 3 wins away from home against good performing teams in their league. Can they cope well with multiple fixtures in a short span of time? Watch out when the bubble bursts.

    Some matches are derbies so watch out because some teams will just go on straight to win regardless of their current form. Teams that play in the same league are related in one way or another. Sometimes a team changes their playing style or formation to adapt to their opponents. This is because some team’s style of play is different and when it doesn’t match well then either team will have a rough day on the pitch. Wondered why a good team suddenly receives a thrashing by an average team? You got the answer. That’s football.

    The stage of the season is also key when predicting a football match. For example, a mid-table team may not play their best when they know they can’t qualify to say, Champions League or get relegated. On the contrary, if a team is in a tough position, say facing relegation or tied but close to clinching the title, the team must find ways of staying “alive.”

    Home Advantage is football is as real as it can get.  That is why there will be more home wins and more home goals in almost any league. If a team is missing some key players in very very key positions like forwards (though every position is as critical) they may not score as many goals. Injury and bans can change the bearing as well. A team that’s supposed to win a match may get a draw or lose in a worse case.

    These points may appear a little complex but they are not. This is to help you get a feel of what you need to know if you want to make very accurate football predictions. You don’t have to know everything but knowing a great deal of this information will be very helpful. If you don’t know anything as pertains to sports then you can always use a trusted source to get your football predictions. If you follow these statistics a lot then you won’t likely have to analyze each and every detail on its own.

    There are many factors to consider when using distinction as the key aspect for predicting. Bear in mind the fact that the result of a match is influenced by many factors. Most of them are obvious while others are only applicable to specific leagues/matches. As shown, there are other essential factors which you should consider when making your football predictions. Most websites out there will only give you statistics on team ranking and head to head matches between two teams.

    Why would you look at statistics from 10 years back for example? Look for relevant information that’s up to date. Those are the mistakes people make. Look at the most recent statistics such as 1 or 2 years because so many things change in football in a short period of time. While old is gold, it doesn’t apply to football. A team A that lost to team B 5 years ago won’t necessarily mean the same thing will happen. Well, history repeats itself and history only becomes relevant when you absolutely don’t have any statistics to work with at all.

    Got it? Good. Instead, look at the statistics of the new players who have joined the club. How many goals have they scored in the current club? How many goals did they score in their previous clubs? How many goals have they scored or how many assists have they made since joining the club? As mentioned earlier, some players join clubs and together turn things around. They become unbeatable even when stats show they have never won over team X.

    What is the tendency of the team to score after the 70th minute? Wha’s the tendency of a both teams to score, for example? This may give you a headsup regarding the ability of a team to avoid conceding when they are ahead. Some teams are really good in the first half while others are good in the late minutes of the match. If a team tends to score over 2.5 goals for instance, and you are following their live match which they score in the first 20 minutes then the probability that they will go over 2.5 goals or over 1.5 goals increases. A good example of team that tends to go over 2.5 goals is Ayr. Look at the statistics for example, when they score early, the match usually ends with over2.5 goals.

    The above is an example of how to put the tips we are giving to practice. While we can’t give out everything, you have got the huge chunk of what you are supposed to look. If you are conservative bettor (you tend to be very careful on your selections) you can take the over/under gg/ng and double chance route. If you are a risk taker, you can use the above tips analyze for correct scores and halftime/fulltime among other higher risk markets.

    Be wise, player.

    This is our most read article! The goal of writing this is to assist you minimize your losses. If you require our premium football predictions, click this link to read the step by step on how to get them. Otherwise, have a profitable gaming and don’t let betting be a problem! At Mjomba Family, we need you more than we need betting or anything. That’s why we do long posts like this to educate you. ? If this article helped you, why not leave a comment below and tell us what you thought? We’ll be glad to hear from you.

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