Products & Pricing

Products & Pricing


Mdaily is a service that let’s you access our daily quality predictions by Mjomba. The matches are analysed by experts and therefore you can have almost full confidence to make money. Are you the type that wants evidence? We’ll tell you that we’ve set the price too low to make sure each and every member of this family gets access. Otherwise, quality predictions are way too expensive to even think of buying.

This product costs KES100

Weekly data (received on a daily basis) costs KES 650. This means you receive matches on a daily basis as they play. Note that this package is different from the Mweekly.

The third package under the Mdaily allows you to subscribe for KES – for the entire month. This package, calculated down equates to¬†approximately ¬†KES 60 per day. Saved KES 40 per day?? It’s the best package for those who need consistent data at a price they can afford by KES 60/Day paid in full for a month.

So be wise.

MWeekly (New)

This is our newest service. We find the best matches of the week and put them in one multibet. With this type of product, you can play up to 10, 15 or even 20 teams in a multibet confidently. This costs KES650 and comes with up to 2 or 3 multibets. We can tell you this, the chances of all the matches going as predicted for this package is 98%. What’s more? Think of how much you can make from a successful bet of 10, 15 or even 20 matches in a multibet. We’re not new to thi. Most likely, you’ve already seen some of the longbets screenshots here and there on our site. It’s a good package for those who love LONG¬†multibets.


LOVE the jackpot? The SportPesa Jackpot keeps rising every weekend. It’s currently at 30 Million +. You believe in yourself and also believe that we can do this as a family? Get your ticket for -. What am I getting from this ticket? The 5 most likely jackpot predictions. This means the chances of winning the jackpot are even closer, or at the very least, if you won’t hit the jackpot then landing on a safe bonus would be so much welcome. Let’s see what we’ve got for the 30 million stake! Add to this, you also receive our best weekend predictions. Tickets are limited so avoid being locked out.


1. Decide on the data you need.

MDaily (KES100, OR KES650, OR KES-) There are 3 packages under the MDaily.

Mweekly (KES650)

Ticket (-)

2. Subscribe


  1. Go to M-PESA or the service of your choice
  2. Click on SEND MONEY
  3. Enter Phone Number (@)
  4. Enter amount (depends on the package of your interest. Jackpots?? MDaily? MWeekly?)
  5. Enter your PIN and click OK to complete transaction.

3. Place your bet

We’ll then send respective access keys upon receiving your subscription amount (usually within few minutes after subscribing but this must be after 11am in the morning.) If you’d like us to use email to contact you, please send it immediately. Also, we can send the data to your Facebook inbox. How? Simply head over to Facebook search and find “Mjomba.” Alternatively, you can use Google to find ourFacebook fan page. Click on the first Google Facebook result for Mjomba and send us a message on Facebook describing the service you purchased alongside the phone number you used to subscribe for your data of interest. E.g Ticket, 0701-234-567 and wait for data. We send data from 11 am everyday. You can then proceed to place your bets!

All done in 3 easy steps!

You can only receive feedback with the desired matches after you make a complete transaction of your interested package.

All funds help keep running and in continual growth. Our biggest joy is seeing you benefit from our data that’s why we strive to bring the highest quality data available on the internet everyday–the cheaper way!

We are Africa’s fastest growing network of soccer enthusiasts. You can look elsewhere but then you’ll still look back!