SportPesa, Betin, Betway, Betpawa, Mcheza Jackpot Tips

SportPesa, Betin, Betway, Betpawa, Mcheza Jackpot Tips

The goal of every bettor is to outsmart the bookmarker and we all know that. Equally, the goal of every investment is to achieve a good ROI at the end of the day. Nonetheless, your loss will always curve another smile on the bookmarker’s lips. This doesn’t go without saying that poor betting habits can be the shortest route to poverty.

Still on that, a small fact that most bettors know but tend to ignore is that just like 60% of all matches always result in a home win ( you can do some bit of Google search), 60% of all wins across the board will be on the bookmarker’s side. Yes, that’s the problem and that’s our problem! You want to minimize losses? You scourge the internet for sure betting tips but can’t find what you need. You place another bet hoping things will turn out right only to sink further in your seat after another blow. You stop to wonder; is it just me? Or, I’m I being stupid? Are there tips that I don’t know, tips that could help me minimize losses?

We just did an article that will shed some light on betting and hopefully save some of you from straight losses. Disclaimer: We DON’T have or offer a straight win strategy, perhaps elsewhere but we’re smart enough to know or bring you what you’re just about to learn. Yes, there are definitely tips that bookmarkers don’t want you to know; tips that scare them when they’re revealed to you—because a game changer just landed! This is Mjomba Family!

So what’s all the fuss about? Sit back and be ready for a math lesson; a simple math lesson.

When betting, most people tend to choose favourites just about all the time. It’s just that we think they’ll win 99% of all time and there’s no problem with that at all. But wait, nothing will ever change the fact a match will end in whatever way nature knows how. Let’s first focus a little more on the three most common choices before we delve deeper into this wonderful and best-selling strategy.

1 (Indicates Home Win)

X (Indicates a Draw)

2 (Indicates Away Win)

For Favourites vs Underdogs, the odds will look as shown below, 90% of all the time.

Team A (Our Favourite)   1.09

Draw Odds:     2.39

Team B (Our Underdog) 20.19

 Again, most people will run to place bets on 10 of the similar kind (as shown above). Surprisingly, with all those matches and a stake amount of over KES 500, the possible amount gets somewhere close to KES 900 or something to do KES 1,500. The loss is way up there already! How, you stand to lose the entire amount all at once in a single bet containing 10 matches with all the matches having an equal “nature” chance of going haywire! After placing that bet, you sit back with 100% hopes that all the teams will end up with your desired match outcomes only to be surprised with a team like Crystal Palace beating Liverpool because you thought Liverpool wouldn’t STAND to lose. I mean come on; Liverpool had every reason to win that match.

The worst happens; only the last match denies you the right to YOUR money! It sucks due to lack of a better word. That’s the problem, in fact, the biggest problem and we just found out a small TRICK that will help you minimise the losses when betting. One or two teams will always spoil your bet all the time and we guarantee that your losses will climb at the end of the day, pushing you to the wall, or somewhere between the rock and a hard stone if you don’t try and up your game!


Mjomba is an independent site that offers soccer predictions advises that you go for higher odds. Yes, you got that right! Just how? What do you mean by that? Go for matches that have odds higher than 2 just about all the time. You’re crazy Mjomba! Don’t worry, we saw that coming! How can I win with matches that are about 100% unpredictable? Who said that? No match is 100% predictable, if you as me. Let’s just try and deal with the fact upfront. Whatever the match, Team B with very low odds to win can still manage the win; only that the bookmarker decided to give it the low odds. Matches that have odds as this one are Team A (2.35) Draw 5.19 Team B (2.79) also somewhat predictable though close to 80% of all bettors would opt to go for a match with “figurable” odds! You know what I mean.

Hold on. No match is predictable 100 percent of all the time. That’s why Real Madrid lost to Sevilla. It’s an open fact that Real has always beat Sevilla. Favourites usually disappoint when you least expect. Another example is the match between Aston Villa Vs Manchester City. Most people saw a straight win for Manchester City thinking Aston Villa would continue with their losing streak. This is to remind you of the old sayings, “Anything is Possible in Football.” Or “In Football, Anything is Possible.” The latter hold more weight.

This is how we do it, rather how we want our fans to do it. Remember, you’re not in the business of giving away money just like that. You have a life and this is something close to an investment if it’s not one.

In most cases, Mjomba selects up to 30 daily matches with odds above 2. We then proceed to predict the teams on the basis of Double Chance, Both Teams to Score, NG, Half Time Score, Handicap, etc. We’re used to playing with Double Chance 80% of the time because we consider it a safer than the rest of the available options.

For instance,

Team A 2.56

Draw 3.49

Team B 2.87

Double Chance would look like this:

Team A Vs Team B

PICK: Double Chance 1.68

See? The odds for the double chance above are really worth your money. Now, when you combine that with another Double Chance Odd of 1.50, you already have double the amount you stake just in case your bet goes through.

Well, this might sound confusing at first but this is a trick that has stood the test of time. Still on the trick, here is the million dollar tip. Actually, the tip that you can willingly pay for to be told because it’s going to bring reduce your losses by an equal chance:

Some math again? Yes.

Select about 10 matches or whichever the number you may comfortably handle, this shouldn’t exceed 20. Another trick? Just like Noah’s time, pair the matches, male and female ;).

For example:

20 matches will equal 10 pairs.

Do not exceed 2 matches in a pair unless you’re absolutely sure of the third team but we HIGHLY discourage. Stick to just 2 matches per multibet! Are we on the same page? Hopefully.

An example

Multibet 1:         Team A Vs Team B (Odds)  Team A Vs Team B(Odds)  Average Odds: 1.45*1.56

Multibet 2:         Team A Vs Team B(Odds)    Team A Vs Team B(Odds)  Average Odds: 1.78*1.66

Multibet 3:         Team A Vs Team B(Odds)   Team A Vs Team B(Odds)  Average Odds: 1.45*1.39

Multibet 4:         Team A Vs Team B(Odds)   Team A Vs Team B(Odds)  Average Odds: 1.49*1.59

Multibet 5:         Team A Vs Team B(Odds)   Team A Vs Team B(Odds)  Average Odds: 1.57*1.71

Multibet 6:         Team A Vs Team B(Odds)   Team A Vs Team B (Odds)  Average Odds: 1.45*1.38

Multibet 7:         Team A Vs Team B(Odds)   Team A Vs Team B(Odds)  Average Odds: 1.76*1.56

Multibet 8:         Team A Vs Team B(Odds)   Team A Vs Team B(Odds)  Average Odds: 1.31*1.54

Multibet 9:         Team A Vs Team B(Odds)   Team A Vs Team B (Odds)  Average Odds: 1.63*1.57

Multibet 10:       Team A Vs Team B(Odds)   Team A Vs Team B(Odds)  Average Odds: 1.46* 1.53


You get the point?

Calculating the above odds:

Multibet 1 Odds: 2.26

Multibet 2 Odds: 2.95

Multibet 3 Odds: 2.01

Multibet 4 Odds: 2.37

Multibet 5 Odds: 2.68

Multibet 6 Odds: 2.00

Multibet 7 Odds: 2.75

Multibet 8 Odds: 2.02

Multibet 9 Odds: 2.56

Multibet 10 Odds: 2.23


Our minimum odds: 2.00

*Remember we chose Double Chance which minimises the probability of losing by half as compared to giving team A or B a straight win or a draw. You can play with GG or NG or handicap, whichever suits you but always give Double Chance a priority. Having said that, let’s now place bets of KES 100 per multibet. This means we have ten multi-bets of 2 matches each.

First, let’s calculate our total stake amount:

That’s simple to calculate.

10 Multibets*KES100 = KES1000

 Now, let’s just imagine you had a real bad day and scored 6 pairs correct of the 10.

Let’s pick the even matches with an assumption that they are the matches you’ll win. We pick the matches (in red above).

Multibet 2 Odds: 2.95*100= 295

Multibet 4 Odds: 2.37*100= 237

Multibet 6 Odds: 2.00*100= 200

Multibet 8 Odds: 2.02*100= 202

Multibet 9 Odds: 2.56*100= 256

Multibet 10 Odds: 2.23*100= 223

Six correct pair predictions already come with some profit of about KES500. A loss to your entire set of multi-bets is only possible when you lose 6 pairs. In fact, six pairs results in a loss of about KES 60 (in our example above) of your stake amount. Let’s say you’ll feel the weight of a loss when you lose 7 pairs.

Remember that you’ve reduced the probability for a loss by:

  • Playing Double Chance, GG, NG, Handicap etc.
  • You only have 2 matches per multibet which immensely reduces the probability of a loss by a double margin. Compare this with placing a straight Draw or Win to either Team A or Team B and adding up to 10 matches per multibet. Does that even make sense?
  • You’ve staked just a small amount which safeguards your bet for a double the possible win amount. This extra amount is what stands to represent your next match just in case you lose on that multibet.

If you’re just beginning then this might sound like jargon but trust me you’re in the hands of a family—people who are ready to assist you get started.

Don’t take our word for it. You need to try this and come back with your feedback. We’ve tested this already and will tell you it works!

Mjomba doesn’t guarantee winning; we give you tips we find very helpful and trust us once it’s out there it means we’ve already tested it for you.

When selecting the teams for your multi-bets, do not just pick them randomly. Go slow on the teams, find one you already have some knowledge about, do some basic research and trust me, you’ll be ready to go! Also, our wonder predictor is available for those who would wish to try it. Check under the MDaily tab for instructions.

A quick reminder is that you don’t have to ignore any other match with which you believe your instinct is right. For instance, a match between Australia and Kyrgyzstan where you really think Australia could win this one!

Also, the beauty of our strategy is that you get to win well on a good day but still keep your losses in control during a bad day!

 What you just read is worth years and years of betting experience! We hope you find value in this post and consequently boost your wins further. For suggestions, corrections and possible improvements to this amazing post, please write your thoughts in the comments. Allen is always here to respond J.

If you have an android device then you’ll obviously need to download our FREE-for-the-moment app to get this and other posts in time, when we post them. Thank you and have a blessed week further!