SportPesa – So Easy to Bet, Too Easy to Lose WTF?!

So Easy to Bet, Too Easy to Win?! SportPesa 


[REVEALED- SPORTPESA] So Easy to Bet, Too Easy to Lose! WTF!!!!

Sportpesa | I need help!!

In most countries, betting is still illegal. One good example is Australia. While it’s up to your sole discretion to bet on SportPesa, there are some sad truths that you’ve got to hear, now and here! Here is why it’s pretty easier to lose than win on SportPesa and why you got to stop looking at me like that as if I’m talking to you!

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Now, I need you to answer this question with the honest truth there can be. Don’t you lose more money than you win? Yes or No? Stop taking sides with what you hear from your friends who claim to have all of sudden gotten rich overnight from betting.

I’ll be sincere with you on this—I watch so many of my friends spend hours and hours writing down games they would play. In fact, most of the predictions seem so sure that you can almost bet your life! Then what happens? At the end of the game, you check the score and realize Chelsea, Real Madrid or PSG spoilt the fun!


How SportPesa problems develop

  • Finding free time to bet such as waking up earlier or sleeping late
  • Adding money continually, bit by bit to SportPesa without making withdrawals
  • Winning on your first bet and thinking it’s that easy! WTF!
  • Betting more and more in a bid to get your lost money back, Cookie or whoever they call you, you are not going to succeed! I’m always here—just let me know if that happens.


 Signs of a SportPesa problem

  • Depression
  • Lack of sleep
  • Debts starting to bill up and you won’t stop betting
  • Placing bets when you normally wouldn’t such as at noon
  • Missing work or school and thinking you are man enough to abuse your boss, I mean, SportPesa just arrived!

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What Can I Do to Stop Betting Games on SportPesa?

Block yourself from receiving anymore “TODAY’S TOP MATCHES” messages that spark that urge to bet. Simply send a message “Unsubscribe or STOP” to 79079. This is a self-exclusion you won’t hear advertised on the radio, no never! Block SportPesa from your laptop. Simply install software that lets you filter out gambling websites. If you need help then ask for it in the comments. This will help avoid and resist the urge to bet. Take that SportPesa app off your phone!


Losing track

It’s pretty easier to lose that win on SportPesa and I’ll say this all over again! It’s dead easy to zone out like a fool when you’re not. After a while, your effort (usually unquantifiable) time (a very critical resource that can make you a billionaire with the right ideas and money (the resource you are handing over to clever guys blindfolded unknowingly!)If you must bet, kindly avoid betting alone. At least with some friends, you might here that whisper, “Slow down, hold on, take a break, breath, after a loss!” You have a wife, kids and a life to lead. Eh?!

To my friends who won’t stop betting, think again and again over the time, energy and money you spend. That’s why I won’t envy any of you because we truly understand the pain you’ve undergone and how much you have wasted to earn that final winning! Some of you are soo good that they almost help the SportPesa agents in open each morning! It begins with a few small bets here and there until things begin to snowball! When time comes and you’ve probably lost time, effort and money, you’ll have one thing still remaining—time, yes, time to wonder and remember how that happened.


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