• How To Bet Sportpesa Via SMS

    How to Bet SportPesa Via SMS 

    Sportpesa | How To Bet On Your Mobile Phone

    Sportpesa | How To Bet Via SMS

    This guide is for all soccer matches quoted on SportPesa’s Game ID’S. Are you just starting? You have a chance to predict the outcome of any one match or outcome of the game. Generally, there are three possible outcomes in any soccer match:

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    Home win denoted as (1)

    Draw denoted as (X)

    Away win denoted as (2)

    Assuming you already have an created an account and registered with Sportpesa, the next step should be to place your bet. So how can one bet via SMS? Here are the steps:

    Step 1

    Here is a simple illustration:

    Take for instance you wish to bet Valencia Vs Granada. Usually Sportpesa sends its users a list of the day’s hot games. The format of the message is usually something similar to this

    TOP GAMES: 8962 GRANADA- VALENCIA 1(9.62), X (4.84), 2(1.30);

    Therefore, to bet, write a text message with “8962#2#100.”  This means you predict a win for Valencia,

    Or Draw


     Granada Win


    In this case, “8962” is the Game ID, “2” is our prediction while “1” means Home Win, “X” means Draw and “2” stands for Away Win. “100” is the bet amount in Kenya Shillings.

    Now, send the text message to 79079. Remember that an SMS charge of KES 2 shillings applies per message sent.


    How to bet on Sportpesa via phone

    How to Bet Via SMS With SportPesa :: Step 2

    A bet is successfully placed only after you receive a confirmation* message from Sportpesa. This is the acceptance of your betting offer and confirms that Sportpesa has received it. The message received includes the bet ID which uniquely identifies your bet. This is what you should use in case you wish to contact them regarding that particular bet. Also, the message includes the possible win amount in Kenya Shillings.

    Note* Winnings are calculated by multiplying odds by the stake amount. For example 1.30*100=136/=)) For multiple bets, that would be something like [(1.30*2.23*1.97* 2.02*)*100]=KES 1154

    Lastly, the confirmation message will also show your remaining S-Pesa balance after placing your bet. Check the illustration below of et placed between Crystal Palace and West Ham United.

    phone sportpesa

    How to bet on Sportpesa via phone

    Step 3

    There goes the betting! Yes, you’ve done it and all you wanna do is sit back and relax, take your coffee or coke, and wait for the outcome J. Most importantly, take a chill pill. Anything is possible in any one soccer match.

    To cancel a single bet:

    For whatever reasons, you can always cancel your bet. Here’s how:

    Send a text message with the words “Cancel” followed by the hash (#) sign and the bet ID that you received in the confirmation message to 79079. See below

    A cancellation request becomes successful only after you receive yet another confirmation message.

    That’s it. Take caution while placing your wagers and try to bet wisely. I’ll discuss this in my next post but you can always leave your comments, suggestions, shout-outs below. I’ll be more than happy to respond.

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