• Sportpesa Guide.: How to Play SportPesa for Beginners

    SportPesa Guide – How to Bet for Beginners

    The SportPesa Frenzy is becoming wilder every day and therefore more difficult to resist. The SportPesa Jackpot is rising every day with more people joining the fun. So, why would you want to be left behind? On a personal note, we started this website with beginners and experienced “risk takers” in mind. Are you a starter and wondering where to begin? Don’t worry because the procedure is as easy and quick as saying, Jack Robinson.



    Before we plunge into more serious matters, you’ll need to consent to the fact that you are over 18-years old. One other thing you need to understand is that while proper research and preparation can guarantee you just about anything, sometimes luck plays a major role. Of course, the journey will be filled with ups and downs and you’ll need to bet wisely. We’ve got your back and are here to help you at every step of the way—to make this journey successful as much as it’s interesting and nerve wrecking.

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    Betting is risky

    Truth be said, just like any business, placing bets is quite risky. It’s very important that you define your betting strategy so as to avoid getting caught between a rock and a hard place. Just like the saying goes, “spread the risk, if you want to minimize it.” Place fewer bets that you’ve done proper research upon. If you aren’t sure whether you should place that bet then you better leave it. Quite simply, the ground is not all flat. Take your time and perform some research on the internet and you’ll be good to go.

    Don’t be greedy

    “Njia mbili zilimshinda fisi.” Literary what we mean here is relax once when you win. Of course, you might be tempted into thinking, “This is not my money after all… it’s the bookies so losing it all isn’t really that bad.” Sure it’s pretty bad; you know it when the money is gone. Received the CONGRATULATIONS message? Good. Withdraw all but the amount you placed earlier for the same bet. Keep the amount you just won in a safe and place another wise bet. From experience, if you immediately place the whole amount you just won, there are high chances that you’ll lose it because just then; your emotions are in control boosting the likelihood of placing biased or silly bets.

    Also, when you lose NEVER place another bet with an intention to recover the money. Insistently, you won’t recover it. This is also known as chasing a bet. Someone once said that chasing bets is the fastest way to a poor house. If you must place another bet immediately after losing one then take time and allow the emotions to clear. The worst time to place a bet is when your emotions are in control. It’s just a rule of betting you don’t want to ignore.


    You don’t have to surf the entire web when performing a research. In fact, a shallow look at the performance, previous matches, tables, goal differences, team form and such factors is enough to give ground for betting. The problem is spending hours and hours only to lose badly. There are several websites that offer SportPesa Predictions including Mjomba.com. Take your time, visit sites like fussball.wetpoint.com, Soccerpunter.com, 11v11.com, stats.football.co.uk and Goonersguide.com among others. Research helps you decide when you cannot make up your mind.

    Money Management

    Money management is the most important aspect of SportPesa betting. Actually, I should have placed this at the top. Anyway, it’s the most neglected of all. Never at all bet more than you can afford to lose. This is one special key to success as far as SportPesa betting is concerned. In fact, most people bet between 3-5% of their bankroll, increasing the amount when they win and decreasing it when they lose.

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    Consider Underdogs

    There is no better bet in football than placing a bet or playing an underdog at home. In football, most teams play inspired football at home. In fact, slim underdogs carry the day outright. On the other hand, big underdogs find ways to cover the spread and will rarely give up in front of their home crowd.

    Locks Don’t Exist

    If you have watched football for a while you’ll agree that the difference between losing and winning can be infinitesimally small. Turning the tables over requires a very simple mistake or even a single penalty. The only locks I know are those that require keys to open them.

    Bet at the Right Time

    Yes, there is the right time to place a bet. Actually, sharp bettors tend to place wagers on underdogs and will place a bet early. On the other hand, squares ideally bet in the week and most of them go for favorites. If you like underdogs then it’s better to place a bet as late as possible, where the action from squares on favorites is particularly heavy.

    Contrary, if you choose to go with a favorite, it’s better to place a bet as early in the week as possible when the sharps are placing heavy money on the points. Remember than not all matches work according to this particular formula, but it’s usually a great rule of thumb.

    Avoid Exotic Bets

    For expert bettors, particularly handicappers with a proven track record, at least in theory, there can be real value in betting parlays. This one combines two or more individual bets. Personally, the best wager in football is betting the point spread or over/under totals for individual games.

    Focus on specific leagues and follow your instincts

    Another great way of winning money on SportPesa is by developing your own niche and following it closely. Also, find the leagues you are familiar with and select teams that you know about. Additionally, sometimes instinct is very helpful and will come in handy particularly with leagues you have mastered. There is a wealth of information on the web; it’s really about you to find and research it on a daily basis. Again, follow your instincts.

    Gambling and Drinking Don’t Mix

    In Las Vegas, gamblers are given free soft drinks while gambling. Things are different here in Kenya and while you may not get the free drinks, don’t go for them. It doesn’t matter what you say, the reality is that alcohol clouds your judgment and will only help you make silly rash decisions you normally wouldn’t otherwise make. To be successful at betting with SportPesa, operate with a clear mind (if you are not doing it already.)

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