• Sportpesa – How Much To Bet?

    How Much To Bet Sportpesa?

    Sportpesa – How Much To Bet? We have all betting tips from how to select teams, how to perform research to how much to put at stake; all in one!

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    I am a Sportpesa fan myself by virtue of being Kenyan and it doesn’t go without saying that betting is the way to go. While some “intelligent” fans are reaping BIG bucks, several others are agonizing in bets gone bad! Why not read this if you are losing every single bet; even those you truly believe in! I am revealing the untold secrets of placing soccer bets to win!

    Before anything, begin by doing the math. For example, if you just have KES 4000 left between you and a whole 30 days to payday then it will be silly to stake the entire KES 4000. Know when to hold on, walk or run. Most people tend to bet when they badly need money and sorry to say, this is the point at which things will surely go wrong! Have this in mind when betting, “I have put my KES 1000 at stake and I just don’t care the **** outcome!” Go on with life and just don’t let a bet ruin your day when you lose. Be patient as the clock ticks away. Breathe in and out, even when things go wayward. Before placing a bet, decide your maximum betting budget beforehand. Do it carefully to avoid going bankrupt. I encourage you to go with a smaller budget. Following the rules of my post and placing correct wagers, will bring down the chances of a loss dramatically.

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    I just don’t care if you have too much to spend. However, for those that are looking to place bets but have limits…come on you know yourself…DON’T PLACE ALL YOUR MONEY ON A SINGLE BET! In football, anything is horribly possible! Thus placing all your savings in one pool in Sportpesa will not do the trick! The idea is to distribute the risk across several multiple matches; it’s the only trick that has saved people from going bankrupt from betting, and you just have to know this! If you want to make profits, bear this in mind.

    It just does not matter what team is playing the other…all hell breaks loose at the end of it all!

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