• SportPesa Jackpot Winner 19/20 September 2015!!!

    Asking the same question “Who won the Sportpesa Jackpot 19/20 september 2015?” 


    From the horse’s mouth, George Mwangi—the winner of the SportPesa Finally Speaks out!!

    “”My name is George Mwangi (Smiling). The feeling is quite overwhelming…surreal really….I don’t know. (Shaking head as if still in disbelief). It’s really…(long sigh). No more no more no more. (Clapping).

    Interrogator: Ok. When did you start playing the Jackpot and how often do you play?

    Reply: Well, I was introduced to SportPesa in May this year. So maybe after playing four ..four and half…five months I was becoming an addict in a way but I know how to control myself…just playing moderate sums of money..winning here losing there but..all in all a very honest game, a very honest game from SportPesa.

    Interrogator:  What do you have in plan for the win?

    Reply: Ah, (nodding) well you always have plans you know..if I get this amount of money, I’ll do this..I’ll do that but when you actually get it, it flies off out of the window…it flies out of the window but I want to believe that I’m mature enough to deal with the 29m.

    I have never had that amount before in my life but I know through the years I’ve gotten that money but I’m old enough to deal with this (nodding). I’ll take my time under no pressure from my family, my family understands…I still earn bread so will continue the way we’ve been continuing before we know what to do with this amount of money.

    My daughter always challenging me…Dad you think you know football do this, win some money for me. Well I have won some money for her!””

    Check out our Gallery:


    Mr. George Mwangi SportPesa Jackpot Winner talking to SportPesa

    2015-09-22 17_13_07-Capture

    Mr. George Mwangi SportPesa Jackpot Winner receiving his cheque

    2015-09-22 17_03_06-Capture

    Mr. George Mwangi SportPesa Jackpot Winner talking to SportPesa

    2015-09-22 16_55_54-Capture

    Mr. George Mwangi Looking Emotional

    2015-09-22 16_54_14-Capture

    Mr. George Mwangi Looking Emotional

    2015-09-22 17_14_10-Capture

    Mr. George Mwangi Addressing the Media

    2015-09-22 17_13_31-Capture

    Mr. George Mwangi Jackpot Winner Addressing The Media

    2015-09-22 17_00_44-Capture

    So what don’t we know about Mr. George Mwangi-the Jackpot Winner?

    Here are 20 things you didn’t know about Mr. George Mwangi. We had 20 questions for the Jackpot winner and here are the answers he gave exclusive to Mjomba.com:

    1. He is 5 centuries old…sorry…sorry I meant so say he’s 50 years old.
    2. He is a Manchester United Fan
    3. He used Ksh 16,000 to win the 29m SportPesa Jackpot
    4. He is a father of three
    5. He was introduced to SportPesa by his nephew
    6. He used to score 2 correct SportPesa Jackpot Predictions out of the 13 SportPesa Jackpot matches
    7. He started betting early this year in May
    8. He is a big follower of Mjomba.com
    9. He is an ex-banker
    10. Mr. Mwangi is currently a businessman from Githurai
    11. He is a big die hard fan of Gor Mahia
    12. His love for football dated back to the early 70s
    13. He used to play for Umeme FC and Barclays back in the days
    14. His wife is Mrs. Jeniffer Mwangi
    15. He plans to spend some of the money in buying his local church screens and do some renovations
    16. He believes in instincts, risk, commitment and preparation nothing like guess work
    17. He is the third SportPesa Jackpot Winner
    18. He analyses matches for 3 hours at the very minimum
    19. His other name is Gabriel
    20. He believes in God


    It has been a long journey…and finally, we have the winner! The SportPesa Jackpot 19/20 September 2015 has been won!! However, we’ll need to be patient for SportPesa to officially release the details of the SportPesa Jackpot Winner!

    It’s another bright day here when one of the Mjomba Family members carries the day! Start creating that winning mindset as early as now. (We are yet to confirm this folks!) All in all, Mjomba and family is in a celebration mood!

    Mjomba Family


    How are you? When the SportPesa Jackpot hit 10 Million, we all thought that’s how far it could go. Our sister blog Niaje.com did a post on “SportPesa Makes History As The Jackpot Hits The 10 Million Shillings Mark.” The Money kept rising steadily until recently when it hit the 29M mark and we all felt the frenzy hoping to hear the news of the SportPesa Jackpot Winner!! Earlier, Andrew Mghanga won the 5.3 M SportPesa Jackpot followed by Paul Wainaina who joined him later after winning 8.9M later in March this year.

    Then there came a sudden dry spell with winners clinging close to the Jackpot but missing out on the 13th pick. One of the several big bonus winners included a Math teacher Mr. Samwel Machogu from Kisii…A quick relief right there but that was back then.

    We contacted SportPesa later in the evening of Sunday 20th September and were quick to confirm that indeed the SportPesa Jackpot had been won. According to the representative when asked about the trend the Jackpot was taking, “Indeed the number of soccer fans playing the Jackpot had grown tremendously after the partnership with the then Kenya Premier League (Now SportPesa Premier League).”

    SportPesa continues to award bonuses for people who miss the jackpot by close margins (10, 11 and 12 correct predictions) which according to me is a great idea. Up from 5M to 29M, the over 24 Million increase in the Jackpot alone shows the kind of confidence Kenyans have put on SportPesa. Note that the increment amount of the Jackpot is parallel to the participation. I have a feeling that it will be long before we have another cool 30M SportPesa Jackpot. What do you think?

    It is incredibly simple to participate. You are required to predict 13 soccer matches for just 100 shillings. There are bonuses for correct 10, 11 and 12 correct predictions. If you’re still in the dark, simply send a TEXT with the word “Game” to 79079 to register or visit http://www.sportpesa.com to register online. Agreeably, it has been a while since Mjomba last made 12 correct SportPesa Jackpot Predictions. This caught most people by surprise. We still believe in the reach of our potential–only time will tell. Since then, Mjomba has grown from a small blog to East Africa’s most trusted Football and SportPesa Jackpot predictions website and together as the Mjomba family. Remember, “Everyone has the desire to win, but only champions have the desire to prepare.”

    Moments With The SportPesa Jackpot 19/20 September 2015.

    Recouping the SportPesa Jackpot, we saw the likes of Norwich, Crystal Palace, Reading, MK Dons, Blackburn, Dundee, Hearts and others in the 8/9 August SportPesa Jackpot. We closed the week with no winners. Then the following week’s SportPesa Jackpot hit the floor with the likes of Norwich and Hearts making it back to the 15/16 August 2015 Jackpot. Other teams included Fulham, Bristol City, Caen and my all-time favorite Greuther Furth.

    The SportPesa Jackpot 22/23 August was no different with the likes of Norwich clinging to the Jackpot for the third time in a row then going against Stoke City. Other teams in the Jackpot the same Jackpot included Leicester, Stuttgart, DepOrtivo LC. Remember PEC Zwolle against Twente and Lorient Vs St. Etienne? We closed August without a SportPesa Jackpot winner with tough matches like Leuven Vs St. Truiden, Angers Vs Nice and Swansea Vs Manchester United.

    On the 5-6 September 2015, we witnessed even tougher SportPesa Jackpot encounters including Oldham Vs Bradford, Exter Vs Leyton Orient and Burton Vs Coventry. As we approached the 29M mark, the Jackpot set center stage with teams like Watford Vs Swansea, Real Betis Vs Real Sociedad among others. Lastly, the just won SportPesa Jackpot 19/20 September 2015 included matches such as Newcastle Vs Watford, MK Dons Vs Leeds, Kilmarnock Vs St. Johnstone and was WON!!!

    Any moments when you got so close yet so far from becoming the SportPesa Jackpot Winner? Let’s share the celebration together! What game changed everything and literary “killed” your opportunity to hit the SportPesa Jackpot? You’re home so you can always talk your heart out here! We take this opportunity to CONGRATULATE the 29 Million Jackpot Winner!!!

    If you’re a new visitor then you might as well want to join the Mjomba family by creating your account too. It’s super quick and simple and will take less than 30 seconds to be one of us. A quick reminder than Mjomba is intending to become a paid membership site with very few days to go. Create your account for FREE NOW.

    This is where the SportPesa winners are made…SportPesa is just a bookie 🙂 Stick around for more information but meanwhile leave a congratulatory message below for the lucky winner!


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