SportPesa | KPL Becomes SportPesa Premier League

SportPesa | KPL Becomes SportPesa Premier League-SPL

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KPL just got a new name “SportPesa Premier League. Why? Because SportPesa—the popular betting company—just announced its decision to sponsor the Kenyan league at Laico Regency. However, this leaves us with some unanswered questions—what’s the impact of this decision and how will it affect both parties?

KPL SportPesa premier league

KPL to SportPesa premier league-SPL

Mr. Ronald Karauri is SportPesa’s CEO and said during the meeting that SportPesa is focused at promoting more sporting activities in Kenya and beyond.  They are looking to nurture talent in a proper way with special focus at the Kenyan youth to push their love for sport to another level. This move has raised concerns about the direction of our local football and the changes we’d expect to see as a result of this bold move.

This partnership is considered the best practice across the world of soccer. Today, several League clubs overseas have partnered with betting companies as their partners. The most recent betting company to sponsor the world’s biggest football clubs includes BET365 and BWIN.

Such sponsorships are the crowning of the cake bearing in mind that SportPesa has been Sponsoring quite a number of other leagues across the country with the most notable being the SportPesa Super8 in Nairobi which has truly set a benchmark for the local leagues and tournaments. The funds allocated to SportPesa Premier League along are an indication of commitment and inspire confidence in how this Sponsor will run business. This partnership will run through to the end of 2019 which translates to close to four and half years.

What effect does this have on SportPesa itself as the Sponsor?

There is no denying the clear and glass fact that League sponsorship has really evolved in the past decades in Kenya and across the world. How did such sponsorships even begin? This started as a very simple marketing technique to create awareness regarding a betting company but has since spread like wild fire to different parts of the world. In case you didn’t know, this kind of sponsorship is incredibly profitable and will even draw the attention of SportPesa to the larger Africa region and attention to online betting sites, institutions that ideally enjoy really hefty annual income.

Additionally, fans are more eager and wiling to place bets on their favourite teams, if that specific gambling parlour is among the team’s sponsors. Perhaps, the cloud of suspicion regarding this particular type of partnership stems from the fact that the bookie has hit the bull’s eye by raising awareness and advertising for the right audience. It’s important to also note that according to several studies, soccer fans award an even higher level of trust to their favourite team’s sponsors.

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