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    How to Select Teams For Your SportPesa MultiBet

    Sportpesa Select Teams For Your Best MultiBet

    Sportpesa Select Teams For Your Best MultiBet

    How? Perform an in-depth research online. Sign up on Sportpesa. In regard to research, I recommend websites such as betexplorer, soccerpunter, goonersguide, goalwire, footy-results et cetera and of course Mjomba for the best betting tips! So how do I choose teams for a multi bet?

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    Google search the teams

    Click results from the pages listed above
    Make sure you are looking at updated results
    Look at the performance. My rule here is DO NOT SELECT A TEAM THAT HAS OVER TWO DRAWS OR SO FROM ITS LAST, SAY, FIVE MATCHES. There is a higher likelihood of history repeating itself. Go for a team that has won at least three of its last five matches. And then find how it ranks with its rival team. Example:

    BET IF:

    You can bet Manchester City to win IF it already won three of its last EPL matches AND has also won at least two of its last matches against, say Blackburn Rovers.
    A key player has just returned or a new signing has been made. (Obviously, this will motivate the team to win)

    You favor one team over another due to past match scores and compare the odds with those listed on Sportpesa.


    Both teams are coming into the match with three consecutive wins from their last three matches.

    Both teams have had a history of leaving a match with one point each (talking of a draw).

    If for any reason a key player is missing from the team or has just left the team though this is less likely the case.

    You just don’t want to include that team in your sportpesa multibet

    Look at this other example below:

    Most people would bet Manchester City to win if it happens to have an odd such as this one:

    West Brom vs. Manchester City 20.03 |X| 1.02

    My question is this, “how many of such bets will you need on Sportpesa to make a profit?”

    I rather you bet on a team such as Liverpool if it has odds as shown below

    Liverpool vs. Manchester United 1.9 |X 4.03| 2.4

    In this case, the reason is that Liverpool is playing Manchester United at their home ground. You will just need about 3 bets to make your set after which you can proceed to another set. By the time you have ten sets of a similar kind; you will have increased the chances of winning a large amount without having to select 15 teams for a category that only offers a potential KES 600 or so bucks. Good Luck!

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