SportPesa Tips for a successful betting experience 2018-2019

PRO Guide/Tips for a successful betting experience 2018-2019

Hello friends,

It’s yet another opportunity we meet here at Mjomba, we probably begin with a hello and..a happy new year 2018-2019. This is our very first post this year and we are more than dedicated to giving you the best experience this year. Thanks for the love, thanks for the massive member signups. You have made this the best home for beginner and experienced players alike. Who else is not a registered member here? I don’t know. So what do we have for you? Good news, exciting news for a good start.

We went offline during the holiday season, to reflect on a better way to bring you better betting help and didn’t expect it to last long. We have done upgrades here and there and trust me you’ll like the experience as ever. I honestly don’t know what to write in this post, perhaps give some shoutouts to all of you and also remind you a couple of things no one will tell you. As always, Mjomba leads, the rest are copycats.

Let’s swing. More betting companies are joining the experience. Players alike are trying to find those with better odds, markets etc but there are those things that will always remain the same across the board-how to bet and win regardless of the betting company you choose.


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Here are a few betting tips and reminders for you for 2018-2019.

Learn bookmarkers

There are several betting companies out there but you want to find one and stick with it. Sometimes this is not always the case because odds reduce, increase, available markets constantly changing among other factors. This is how learning betting companies help you. I don’t like when I mention betting companies here because I’m not in the business of promoting any of them but when you–the player, our follower come in the way, then there isn’t a thing we can’t do for you. So here are a couple of examples.

I know for sure has the best correct score odds if that’s what you’re targeting. On the other hand, has good 1X2 odds while Betway Kenya has the best over/under 2.5. For a livebet, try is good at bonuses when playing multiple bets. Once you accumulate a given number of matches, 10/50/100 percent bonus is added to your bet. No one might tell you some of these, which sound like secrets yet they are not but one thing-learning what bookmarkers/betting companies have on offer for you is of utmost importance for higher payouts. If you don’t have the time, you got us, just read through our extensive posts.

Try other markets

There is a wide choice of markets out there but with each, there comes a risk and a benefit. When you know what you want out of match then it’s better to go for the highest odds in that particular category. Here is what I mean, sometimes you come across a match with odds of 1.50 for over2.5. You really think this is a match that will end up with many goals but you’re more focused on the over2.5 odds. Another very likely incident for the match could be over 1.5 at half time which gives you higher odds of say, 1.70 or even 2.00 but still on your same line of thought.

Another instance is when you really feel a team will win with say, 2 goals being the highest number of goals. You don’t see anything other than that. Why not try a handicap for the match-something like 1-0 or 0-1 if favor of the weaker team so that your team has to score the 2 goals you have for them with the idea that the weaker team won’t score goals? The beauty of handicap is that it’s less risky compared to 1X2, particularly for favorites. Also, handicap usually has higher odds compared to double chance, 99 percent all the time.

Keep your multibets shorter

We can’t insist on this one more. Some of you play so many matches in their bets all the time which isn’t exactly a good idea. Keep the fewer and target fair odds so that even if you play 2 or 3 matches at the very maximum per bet, you can still hit good odds. Here is the logic and I need you to read carefully. The level of risk associated with playing double chance for 10 matches (with double chances of not) will be higher than that of a few matches with good odds. Try this, it has saved many. If you’re good at 10+ matches-multibet then you’ll be great at 3 or 2 good ones. In fact, this is what clever players do. They pick a single match or even 2 and increase their stake a little. You have heard of people complain that they just lost to just one match. 80% of these group tend to play a high number of matches per bet. Let’s think together. It’s unlikely to say you lost to just one team when you just had 2 teams in your bet. Doesn’t make the difference anyway, does it?

Stop “fighting” to regain a lost bet

If you want to be successful in betting, you got to listen to the power of calm. Whenever you lose a bet, the probability of placing a consequent bet and win is far much low than when you’re in your right frame of mind. Do yourself some justice. Relax, take it easy. Someone said, “Sometimes the best loose the worst.” So if you just had a bad day, tomorrow is usually another day-when you’re done wining over the lost bet, especially if you play with chunks of money. This is what people call self-discipline.

Avoid repeating spoilers

Agreeably, you can’t tell a spoiler until a match is over but what I mean here is this. One, any team can be a spoiler in your bet. Sometimes you feel like Chelsea is the best thing right now and you have to play it in all your several multibets. You’ll be sorry! Clever players don’t do that. When you do that, you have to prepare yourself for a surprise. You don’t want to lose your money out of a single team across all your bets. Be wise! Repeating teams are a big mistake you want to avoid.

If you want, read these over and over again and make sure you understand them.


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 Part 2 of the PRO Betting Series by MJOMBA will be out sooner than you know it to be on the lookout for betting secrets you might not be able to uncover on your own!