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    Sportpesa Tips

    Hi folks,

    Now if you bet on Sportpesa and wish to make regular profits then this post is for you. You CAN’T go wrong with these tips; at least you will minimize the risks associated with betting on Sportpesa.

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    Sportpesa get in the game

    Most readers send emails requesting for help on how they can also make profits from betting on Sportpesa but I’ll say time and again there is NO SECRET. It lies in how you play your game. You have to be a really good player to consistently make profits. Good luck!

    So you want to bet on SportPesa? Actually—if you are reading this then it’s likely that you have tried betting and lost a couple of times and want to know how others bet and win.
    How did it go last season? Did you make any good winnings? Did you pick Read Madrid but lost? Did you pick Arsenal to win the FA at the onset of the season? Did you trust Read Madrid to win the Champions League? How about picking Manchester City to win the English Premiership League?

    You most likely selected some of those—but, in spite of all those great predictions, it’s without doubt that something messed your entire plan somewhere along the road and that’s what we intend to solve here and now.
    However it happens, it’s time to forget it and focus on the new things ahead. Usually, this happens because you take bets when you did not fully understand the situation or just what you were placing your money on. No more talk, let’s focus on the rules to help you start making profits again.

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    Rule One: Never Bet What You Can’t Afford
    This is perhaps the simplest yet trickiest rule to understand and follow. Every Sportpesa gambler who has enjoyed a winning run or a losing streak or flash has fallen into the trap and placed bets they couldn’t afford to lose. Please DON’T do it!!
    But why is it really easy to fall into this trap time and again? The reason is that because you are winning, you end up thinking bigger bets with more money won’t hurt (I mean, after all its Sportpesa money right?) This time you forget that these are your winnings and that you are entitled to the last dime. On the other hand, if you are losing then imagining that placing more bets will help get your money back. NO. You are so wrong. Please DON’T do it!!

    This problem is known as the better or gambler’s curse. Lose or win this time, it will still lead to a disaster in the long-run. Bigger bets on a winning streak are a pretty sure way of guaranteeing that Sportpesa gets back every single penny you won off them and clearly, it’s a lot quicker than you even anticipated. So please DON’T do it!!

    The only safest and recommended way of getting the most enjoyment out of a betting experience is to work out how much you can stand to lose before you even start. Betting big sums of money when you are losing is pretty dangerous to your wellbeing and is a sure-fire way of losing your rent as well as food money for the coming week. So please DON’T do it!!

    Always bear in mind this before you place that bet—the fact that you will feel extremely depressed if you lose. If the thought of losing makes you go mad then again, please DON’T do it!!

    Rule Two: Don’t try and be too clever!
    Just because your guy convinced you that the only sure way of beating Sportpesa is backing Dundee in a double chance is not enough reason to follow their advice. Unless you fully understand what double chance means (it’s a type of bet) then you better not attempt investing in one. The result will be terrible and you’ll end up disappointed the entire week.
    It is worth bearing in mind the Old Kenyan proverb that says,” every journey begins with a single step”, when you place your first bet. Perhaps, it’s better to go for a single bet, particularly if you are just beginning so as to have a good taste of the water before you take a dip in the buff. A small profit is enough and better than any loss.

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    Here are points to carry with you:
    • Start learning how the odds work
    • Learn and understand how to place a bet
    • Learn how tough it is to pick a winner in any match
    • Learn to enjoy collecting your money when you win
    An easy and cheap way of learning how to place your bets without making expensive mistakes is by reading books and articles such as this online. Learn, learn and always learn.
    Be a smart Sportpesa gambler and remember to do your homework.

    Rule Three: Bet on what you know
    It can be extremely difficult working out who will win a match without complicating things. Still further, for instance, by betting on a match when you really know nothing about the league let alone the teams. Avoid being tempted to place a big amount of money on an honestly obscure match in the Peruvian or Mexican League just because you read one article predicting the match in an interesting way.

    If you consider the people involved (such as the managers, refereed and players) that means way more than 30 variables together with substitutes. This does not even include variables such as the state of the pitch, financial implications, long-term injuries, international call-ups, disciplinary and legal procedures etc.

    Sometimes exotic teams just seem so exciting-until your bet loses. Also when you figure out (after the match) that a star forward was rested or a really great goalkeeper was out injured then you begin cursing yourself and feeling stupid.
    Personally, I make close to 80% of all my earnings on the English Premier League and sometimes the Italian Serie A since I find extended coverage of just about every game. Always do your research upfront and learn about your bet and unique bet style.

    Rule Four: Beware “hot insider tips”
    There are so many blogs today talking about SportPesa and their seemingly incredible insider tips. I’m not saying their tips are incorrect but you got to be very keen to follow information that, according to them, will help you win the jackpot.
    Whether it be through Sportpesa cropped up websites that claim to have the number one unknown formula to win on football pools, to the premium rate telephone bill lines that claim to be experts through and websites that charge for information to help you take a fortune off the bookie. My advice here would be to keep distance and never at all pay for advice.

    By all means, always read websites that give the advice and ask questions…but keep in mind that you need to decide whether or not to follow their advice. That is entirely up to you to decide and still, nothing is ever 100% certain so do not follow any of such advice blindly. Not EVEN MINE!!

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    I have written for Soccerpunter, Downunder, and Goonersguide alongside other specialist writers and will tell you for free that nothing has been tried and tested to be working 100%. No, that will be a lie. The best decision is with you and how much you want to spend on your bets. You are better off developing your own interesting technique, betting what you can afford. Remember to always trust your own instincts.

    Rule Five: Have Fun
    The last thing you want to forget is to have fun when placing your bets. The more serious you take it; the less likely you are going to reap anything meaningful from the experience. If you enjoy the Sportpesa betting experience, the exhilaration and passion of cheering home your selection—no matter which—and boasting that you really knew best—then you will likely reap something out of this because it’s really not about money all the time. Sometimes it’s a life changing lesson. Want more? Use the links given here to other articles.

    Perhaps you would like to take your time and stroll around. If you enjoyed reading the article, leave a comment below to kick-start the discussion.

    Good luck!

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