How To STOP Betting SportPesa

How To STOP Betting SportPesa

Normally, betting should be a few hours of fun. For most soccer fans in Kenya, sports betting is now turning into something different and is wrecking the nerves of so many of its fans. Somebody somewhere in that closure is asking this, “How can I stop betting  SportPesa?”

stop betting sportpesa

how to stop betting on SportPesa

Sometimes betting just gets us on its dark end and you cannot tell until you feel it’s time to stop betting sportpesa: the addiction that pushes you against your personal as well as financial gain. If you are one of those people wondering how to do this, here is the help you that you’ve craved for long.

The Kenya National Council on Gambling Problem reports that close to 2 percent of the Kenyan adult population meet the requirements for pathological betting (boosting preoccupation with betting, a need to bet more and more money on a regular basis, irritably and restlessly wanting to stop betting, “chasing after losses”, and loss control characterized by continuation of the betting behavior despite the rising seriousness of negative consequences.

Today, a good number of Kenyan adults won’t stop betting and are irresistibly turning “problem gamblers” with signs and symptoms close to those of pathological gamblers. The truth is that potential consequences of betting on Sportpesa and the rest go beyond financial. If you really want to stop betting Sportpesa then listen to me! Untreated and untamed addiction, failure to stop betting can lead to very serious legal problems, relationship and family issues, job loss and most of all increased risks of suicide. I spoke to a money expert known as Stacy Johnson and one psychologist about betting addiction, how to stop betting Sportpesa and what to do when it attacks the person you love. Here are some of the tips I sampled for those who are badly looking for a way out! Follow me:


Eight signs that will tell you it’s time you stopped betting Sportpesa

  1. You want to stop but can’t

Just like the experienced poker players know when to fold ‘em’ or hold ‘em’, those who bet for fun always have a way of limiting themselves and their bets. You should be able to tell when enough is enough and the perfect time to stop betting Sportpesa. Now, compulsive gamblers often struggle with both money and time they’re spending. So sad, betting controls them and takes over their life, and they find themselves completely overwhelmed and unable to stop betting! They try to quit but can’t. Does this sound like you?

  1. You gamble with money you can’t afford to lose

A problem gambler does not stop betting with “fun money” set aside for purposes of betting alone. He/she uses money budgeted for family motives among others. Sometimes this class of people squanders not just their last penny, but even to their last borrowed coin. I just remembered her name, Stacy the psychologist said one of her parents borrowed money from very unsavory sources thereby putting their family’s safety at risk.

  1. You bet beyond being entertained

A recreational gambler on the other hand plays on the grounds of fun and usually has just a few Kenyan shillings to have a great time. Addicts and those who won’t stop betting Sportpesa, particularly the youth, place bets for purposes other than entertainment and often try to steer clear of anxiety and other related problems. Here is food for thought—whatever issues you are dealing with, betting has never and won’t be a solution.

  1. You place more bets to recover your losses

Are you one of those people that try to get back their lost money by betting more? Doing this repeatedly? If yes, then it’s time to stop betting. You need expert help. You have probably become a problem gambler who sees more and more betting as the only way out of financial losses as opposed to what it is—throwing your good money after the bad.

  1. You bet more and more money

Just like in most addictions, pathological wagering starts small. No problem gambler would be content with keeping the bet amounts low or setting betting limits. They like to get in the rush and take after the “pig” market in stock trading just to have a feel of the rush.

  1. You go beyond extremes to get money for betting

A pathological gambler won’t stop betting just because his/her account went dry. Instead, he/she goes to the extremes to find money for the same reasons-betting. While this may come to a sudden halt with borrowing, other problem gamblers find their way into drugs, theft, forgery and even resort to other serious crimes to feed this poor SportPesa habit!

  1. You put SportPesa before anything else

A problem gambler allows this betting habit to take priority over every other critical part of their life. For instance, a gambling addict will fearlessly miss time at work or skip attending his son’s soccer game to perform a complete analysis of the forthcoming matches. Careers have been thrown to the backburner and more relationships are yet to deteriorate at the expense of SportPesa!

  1. Betting negatively impacts your emotions

Sometimes betting can be very exhilarating while on the other end, addicts might experience difficult emotions that usually signal a major problem, such as:

  • Irritation or frustration when you’ve attempted to stop betting SportPesa and failed
  • A sharp decrease in ambition
  • Great feelings of remorse and sadness
  • An attempt to celebrate a completely unrelated event by placing wagers

I won’t just help diagnose your problem and leave you to your own peril. I want to help you but you should be ready to help yourself in the first place. There are always ways out of any problem, and to stop betting SportPesa is no exception. Taking prompt action is the number one key to salvaging your job, bank account as well as your marriage and regaining your brains, if at all you are already in one.


Are you struggling with a betting addiction? Please say yes to get help now!

  1. Admitting that you have this problem

Gambling is one of the worst types of addiction one can ever get into: The very first step to healing is admitting that you have this problem and the fact that you are ready to stop betting. From the words of an expert, “Treatment can never be effective until an addict admits that he/she has this problem”. This is a very important step. Admitting to this challenge does not make you any less of a strong man or lady; it means you’ve got the strength to fight back.

  1. Get support

It can be very difficult to stop betting Sportpesa especially if you are doing it alone. Try to speak with a friend or family member about it. These people are usually a very good source of support. You might want to check the Gamblers Anonymous. This is a platform that let’s share your experiences as a betting addict and find encouragement to stop betting.

  1. Avoid temptation

You should try to avoid environments that might tempt you to place wagers. Avoid casinos, poker games, race tracks and betting websites and anything that might remind you of loses. Cut any back influences from your life! Try this—take away some of your sources for financing wagers by giving your spouse or someone you really trust control of your finances. In case you are using a credit card to finance your habit, cut them up immediately and close up those accounts. It’s the most effective ways to help you stop betting.

  1. Replace gambling with something positive

Find another interesting activity to do once you stop betting Sportpesa. It could be anything from jogging, fly fishing, rock climbing, theatre or movies, just about anything to take the place of SportPesa betting.

  1. Seek professional help

The levels of treatment for betting addiction vary from one person to another and case-by-case. Close to 70% of people with betting addictions have other psychiatric conditions which often call for additional treatment. A psychotherapist might save the day, and medications are in some cases prescribed to tame the urge to place a bet. The most important thing is to respect your own decision to stop betting.

Over to you. SO what’s the bottom line? This is not at all meant to discourage anyone from betting. This is absolutely to your own discretion. Such experiences tend to be personal which means you have all the rights to proceed with betting, if you choose to. However, analyse your life before and after Sportpesa. Are there any differences? If yes, are they good or bad? If they are bad, you know what to do–follow our steps and stop betting once and for all.

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