You have probably already seen or read a little about the Mjomba ticket on our site. Still confused? This brief post explains what this is all about.

The Mjomba ticket comes with 5, 13 most likely jackpot predictions. Are you crazy about the Jackpot? If yes then here is your opportunity to also play. When we said 5 SportPesa Jackpot Predictions most people thought we were talking about 5 of the 13 SportPesa Jackpot Predictions. This is what we meant–you get 5, 13 most likely jackpot predictions.

Add to that, we decided to add another package to the Ticket. Now you can also get free top quality weekend predictions just by buying the ticket. This is the best deal you can ever get-we promise. Not many tipsters price their predictions like that! We decided to set the prices too low but because we needed every one of you to access the data.

What does all this mean? In case we don’t hit the jackpot, you still make money! Everything has been done for you, including organizing the matches into multibets. Yours is to place bets and win. The ticket is always available throughout the week. Already bought yours? Good. Already placed your bets and waiting? Don’t be left out when it happens again because we don’t see this taking too long before we make several of you BIG winners.

How much is the ticket? The Jackpot ticket costs -. We talked about 5, 13 SportPesa Jackpot Predictions alongside weekend predictions. Please read the Products and Pricing Page for instructions and steps (LINK mjomba.com/products-pricing) to follow to get your copy of the data. We don’t wish to lock anyone out. Feel free to join our 18,000+ subscribers and growing! If for any reason you feel confused, go ahead and give us a call here @. Want a ticket now? Send – to our number and get the ticket+Top Predictions for today sent to you immediately via TEXT! Have a great Valentines Day. Already made money? Here’s your opportunity! Use @ for your transactions.