The Mstat

Introducing the Mstat. The Mstat is short for Mjomba Statistics. This is a software that uses AI to perform intelligent calculations from football match results.

Great. So how does it work?

The Mstat calculates from the following data:

Half Time Results

Full time Results

Half Time Corners

Full Time Corners

Full Time Yellow Cards

…and more!


To produce;

To see the entire massive list of the analysis you can follow this link.

We realized that so many platforms out there want a subscription for you to access this kind of data. So we said, why not create one that’s free? Yes, data that calculates from hundreds of scenarios is always hard to come by. It also takes time to develop. Plain and simple, It’s complex. But we went ahead to deliver. This is still work in progress so expect more and even more free stuff only on your one home – Mjomba!

With millions of views, we are not here to play!

…coming soon Red Cards and Half Time Yellow Cards.

We are working to make Mjomba the real home for sports enthusiasts and you’re going to absolutely love it!