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    Welcome to this page. You want to use the predictor too, right? Want well-analyzed matches to help you make some money out of betting? Having come to this page, we guess you might be looking for this kind of help. Now, Mjomba is a free tipping site and DOES NOT charge for its services. Everything here is and will always remain FREE. However, it’s okay to be realistic to our visitors. Great content takes time and money to prepare before you can have it ready. It has taken time preparing our great tool and all we’re asking is to buy this awesome team a cup of coffee.

    You might want to consider the fact that the benefits outweigh what you’re paying for as a token of appreciation. If you feel compelled to support the site activity then go ahead and buy us coffee KES 100, 250…  to @ in exchange for well-analyzed matches.

    Note* By choosing to send the funds -, you agree that you aren’t buying any service and that Mjomba isn’t selling you anything including predictions or anything of the sort. You agree that the funds are solely meant for the development and betterment of this website. We intend to use some of the funds to still reward you–the visitor by joining us in giving great free content here. We also intend to purchase more data like head to head data stats etc so that you can have all inclusive content right here. Thank you and looking forward to your success on Mjomba as a soccer enthusiast!! Join us.

    The procedure:

    1. Send KES100 for multibets or 250 for both multibets and jackpot. Till No. 516328
    2. Wait for our instruction.

    We analyze daily matches and therefore Mjomba’s best picks, worked out using the Mpredictor. Please note that we send matches daily from 11 AM.



    This is just but what the predictor can do! Multiplying the odds you arrive at about 68. Multiply that with the bet amount?? We did KES 1000 and it worked, it’s needless calculating the amount won because you already got the figures!


    Mjomba Team.

    For support, email us at support@mjomba.com. There is so much in store for those who make it to the next page, so much beginning this weekend and you definitely don’t want to be left out!

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