What Can I Do To Win With SportPesa?

What Can I Do To Win With SportPesa?

Hello again? If profit is your motive in football betting, you must learn the skill to win consistently. Betting has its own rules which you MUST be conversant with to survive the game. Let’s teach you how to be smart even in a bad day! Betting is good when you’re winning but really awful when losing, right? Ever wondered why you keep losing? Ever wondered why you just CANNOT win?



What goes wrong after carefully selecting your best matches for your multibet? Something does…here we reveal but before that take a look at yesterday’s predictions so that you already know the perspective from which we’re discussing this with you.

19:00 9382 NEWCASTLE 5.21 4.03 LIVERPOOL1.61 2
17:00 2785 PETERBOROUGH 1.60 3.85 LUTON TOWN4.25 1X 2-0
17:00 7492 COLCHESTER 1.35 4.49 ALTRINCHAM6.48 1 3-2

17:00 2968 OXFORD 1.47 3.85 FOREST GREEN5.57 1 1-0
22:30 8815 ATHLETIC BILBAO 1.53 4.01 MALAGA6.34 1X 0-0
17:00 1255 BRADFORD 1.15 6.03 CHESHAM UTD12.31 1 4-0

17:00 2497 WELLING 3.95 3.49 CARLISLE1.72 X2 0-5
17:30 5244 KARABAKH 1.55 3.44 INTER BAKU5.48 1X 1-0
17:30 3984 BEROE 1.23 4.53 MONTANA11.82 1 2-1

16:30 1224 BRUGGE 1.47 4.37 CHARLEROI 5.79 1 2-1
20:00 5652 RACING GENK 3.24 3.29 ANDERLECHT2.14 X2 0-0
17:00 1298 WS BRUXELLES 1.63 3.66 VIRTON4.32 1X 1-0

22:00 6409 ATLETICO MINEIRO 1.32 4.75 CHAPECOENSE8.97 1 3-0
22:00 4420 CORINTHIANS 1.72 3.60 AVAI4.49 1X 1-1
16:00 4424 PAOK FC 1.45 3.74 PANIONIOS6.23 1X 2-1

16:15 6328 SOCHAUX 3.28 2.92 NANCY2.12 X2 0-0
18:15 6350 AEK ATHENS 1.13 5.82 KALLONI 14.94 1 3-0
16:15 8896 SHEFFIELD WED 3.08 3.13 DERBY2.30 X2 0-0

22:00 7642 INTERNACIONAL 1.73 3.57 CRUZEIRO4.51 1X 2-0
22:00 5946 SANTOS 1.72 3.60 ATLETICO PR4.53 1X 5-1
16:00 6506 MARSEILLE 1.70 3.72 MONTPELLIER4.94 1X 2-2

23:00 8117 ST. ETIENNE 2.04 3.16 RENNES3.96 1 X 1-1
19:30 7934 EINTRACHT FRANKF. 1.97 3.35 SV DARMSTADT3.94 1X
15:30 5694 RB LEIPZIG 1.42 4.20 DUISBURG7.35 1X 4-2

20:00 9344 FC COPENHAGEN 1.41 3.94 ODENSE BK6.31 1X 4-1
17:00 6726 BANIK OSTRAVA 10.12 5.06 SPARTA PRAGUE1.21 2 0-1
15:45 5458 ST. GALLEN 1.87 3.29 VADUZ3.54 1X 2-2

18:00 1964 THUN 3.36 3.36 BASEL1.91 X2 0-2
17:00 9895 LAUSANNE-SPORT 1.97 3.39 WIL 19003.14 1X 3-0
18:15 6350 AEK ATHENS 1.14 5.76 KALLONI 14.27 1X 3-0

17:00 9530 VICENZA 1.89 3.25 SALERNITANA4.14 1X 0-0
19:30 9777 CAGLIARI 1.41 4.42 COMO7.03 1X 1-1
16:00 5965 LAMIA 1.59 3.04 ANAGENNISI KARDITSAS3.97 1X 2-1

20:30 7169 VIKTORIA PLZEN1.31 4.44 DUKLA PRAGUE7.57 1X 3-0
14:30 8294 BALIKESIRSPOR 1.81 3.21 KARSIYAKA3.92 1X 0-0
17:00 4884 BASAKSEHIR 1.84 3.42 GENCLERBIRLIGI4.10 1X 2-0

18:00 2303 FREAMUNDE 1.70 3.15 LEIXOES4.65 1X 0-0
20:00 2269 MOREIRENSE 5.01 3.29 SPORTING BRAGA1.62 X2 0-0
14:30 2591 WILLEM II 1.77 3.80 CAMBUUR4.34 1X 3-0

16:30 7181 FEYENOORD 1.35 5.28 HERACLES7.81 1 3-0
15:00 9171 BOKELJ 1.49 3.53 MORNAR BAR5.97 1X 2-0
18:00 3282 NEA SALAMIS 1.67 3.48 ETHNIKOS ACHNAS4.29 1X 2-2

17:00 4758 ATALANTA 1.81 3.47 PALERMO4.54 1X 3-0
19:00 1242 REAL OVIEDO 1.62 3.60 LLAGOSTERA5.47 1X 2-1
18:00 1616 VILLARREAL 1.60 3.94 RAYO VALLECANO5.58 1X 2-1

14:00 2234 REAL SOCIEDAD 1.98 3.31 EIBAR3.96 1X 2-1
22:30 8815 ATHLETIC BILBAO 1.53 4.01 MALAGA6.34 1X 0-0
20:00 3542 LARISSA 1.62 2.97 KERKYRA3.89 1X

14:30 3945 BOLOGNA 6.63 4.24 NAPOLI1.48 X2

OMG! I wish I had placed the bets. That would be several thousands to hundreds of thousands right there. That’s probably what you just said, right? The matches in green all went as predicted. If you got access to this page yesterday then a big congratulations to you when everyone else is sobbing. Clearly you should thank yourself for making the decision to work with a winning team! :yahoo:

So what’s this all about? We developed a tool to work out predictions. However, the tool won’t work on its own. We use the tool as well to give the best predictions. Wondering why we avoided matches like Chelsea, Bayern Munich, Manchester City etc except for Liverpool? We suspected things getting rough for the teams we left out. When we avoid such matches then our analysis just implies something really nasty might turn out, like Bournemouth beating Chelsea at home. :whistle:

For those who went with Bayern, Chelsea, Manchester City and the big mess of the weekend, 😥 it happens in football. However, when with experts you can get back on track again. Please note that we won’t promise winning all the time. We lose too and this is completely acceptable! However, what we do promise is that just about all the time, we pull awesome multi-bets just like the ones you’ve seen above. Unlike other matches, we really take our time to carefully and expertly analyse the matches in the Mpredictor so that you also gain in exchange of supporting your site.

We start analysing the matches several weeks to a month earlier. Why? Because we have to watch what happens to what team. How they survive a particular match, do they make a comeback in the second half after a nasty first half or round? Who is the team’s key player? What’s the team’s current status in terms of injuries, punishments, transfers? What’s unique to a certain team? Is the team on a long losing streak? How and when could they make a comeback? Can they survive after their first breakthrough or will they sink back into the mess once again? Any new signings? Probably a new coach? Weather conditions and failed travel schedules maybe? Team form? Any current team problems and hidden squabbles and conflicts?

That said, it takes time to study a team to include it in the Mpredictor. Logic plays its part, we bring instinct to play too and the end result is a long nasty winning streak just like the one shown above. These are some of the factors that influence the outcome of a match and studying them carefully can help you avoid instances where you place a bet on Chelsea to beat Leicester.

If you want to beat Elitebetkenya, Betway or even SportPesa, there are some basics rather fundamentals of soccer betting that you’ll need to keep in mind. The most important of all to learn when, how and what to. We know you’re struggling to understand this but it doesn’t have to be that way. Now go ahead and bookmark this page because it contains the most important factors to consider before embarking on sports or soccer betting in particular because that’s what we focus on here the most.

1.    Team Form
The first thing you want to look at is the teams’ current form. We’ll tell you this—team form matters! Look at who the opponents were at the time of the matches. Were they really strong or very weak teams? Look at the most recent match reports such as “Team X has not scored any goal in the last 4 matches etc.” The aim of this is to try and understand why the particular team performed the way it did. Was it unlucky or is the team’s current form just weak? Do you think the opposition team was just having a great day?

2.    Home and Away Records

Next, look at the away and home statistics. If you’ve used the Mpredictor before, then you already know the tool has all these. Note that some teams are too strong at home but extremely weak when playing away and vice versa. Another factor most people don’t have time to consider is whether the particular match is a local derby. Do the teams share the stadium? Makes sense?

3.    Head-to-head

This is one of the strongholds of any expert gambler. Needless to say, you’ll be surprised at how history always tends to repeat itself. Check the history between any two clashing teams, considering home and away performances.

4.    Team news

Always check for suspensions and injuries in any match. This is extremely important. Are there any key players missing from the teams. If there are any injuries, dig further to find out whether they are long-time. Any new injuries since the teams’ last matches? How skillful are the replacement players?

5.    Motivation

The fifth most critical factor in our list is motivation. How motivated is the team at the time of playing? One of the factors that results in motivation is the return of key players, a new coach and key signings. Also, the fact that a team wants to survive relegation may also cause the team to play really well. Ask yourself which of the teams really really needs the points.

6.    Schedule

A team’s schedule is another important factor that most people aren’t always aware about. How many games has the team played in the past, say 2 weeks? Could the team players be tired to play well? When is their next match and how important is the game?

7.    Focus

Every player has his/her own specialty and expertise. You have your unique way of betting. There can be hundreds of matches in any given day but you want to focus on leagues you’re conversant with, unless you’ve really been in the game for too long to be experienced across multiple. Do you have more knowledge about the players and teams in a particular league? If yes then you stand a higher chance to make better choices.

8.    Quality

Quality will always precede quantity. Choosing two or three matches in a multibet that wins is logical as opposed to getting 20 matches in a multibet only to get a spoiler again. Now think of this—If you had just one spoiler, how much would you have won had you subdivided them into three or so multibets. In fact, we encourage placing a higher amount in multibets with fewer teams that a small amount on a bet with 20 matches.

9.    Bet Types

There are several bet types available but the more they are the higher the chances of getting confused. Bookmarkers are always trying to stray your focus away from Fixed odds (1×2), Double Chance and Total Goals Over/Under. Learn and understand the rewards and risks of any one betting type.

10.  Discipline
Be disciplined. Never bet more than you can stand to lose. You know your limits and when you’ve crossed them. Be responsible when betting so that you don’t end up in trouble or in debts you can’t get out of.

We are the best independent soccer tips and analysis site. Thank you for the massive signups too. When you cannot access the site to place your bets, take a look at the downloads section towards the bottom of the page for a text document with the odds and codes. You can also download our app for more cool stuff you can’t find elsewhere. Want access to the Mpredictor? You want to read MDaily first. The beauty of everything Mjomba does is to help you win, when you can’t find a dedicated site elsewhere. If you can’t manage accessing the Mpredictor for one reasons or another, follow the tips we give here. Bookies like it when you lose, just in case you didn’t know this and its therefore up to you to act smart if you ever want to make this profitable. Thanks for being part of the family. :rose:

Have a wonderful time further!


Mjomba Team.

Remember** We do not sell predictions. You’re basically supporting the site and know that it takes time and money to get all this done and want to be part of it. If you’re happy about supporting this then go ahead and request your access key! Instructions are available in the MDaily Tab. For questions and comments or suggestions, please write in the comment section. We’re here!  ^Alluin.